CNN Host SHOCKED to Find Out Hillary Aides Crushed Devices With Hammers

CNN host Brooke Baldwin had an awkward moment on Friday when she heard something so outlandish — or at least she thought it was — about Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate scandal that she immediately took the unusual step of calling for an on-air fact check.

“They destroyed [Hillary’s] Blackberrys with hammers in the State Department,” Donald Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn claimed, which caused Brooke Baldwin to have a “hold it right there” moment. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Evan, Evan, Evan, hold on, can you fact check?” she hollered to standby CNN reporter Evan Perez. “Hang on, hang on, hang on, Evan Perez, hammers?” Baldwin asked in disbelief. “Fact check that for me please, on the fly,” she ordered.

“Yes, they did, Brooke,” Perez answered, confirming the information from the FBI document dump of Hillary’s non-public EmailGate interview. “As you mentioned, there were 13 devices, mobile devices and five iPads that the FBI said that in some way were used with her private email server and they did, in some cases, just destroy them with hammers when they were done using them.”

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Baldwin being shocked that Hillary Clinton is having her multiple electronic devices (Wait, didn’t she say she only used “one device” for convenience purposes?) destroyed in a manner that defies rules is along the same lines as the French police chief of police being shocked that there’s gambling going on in the back room of the classic Humphrey Bogart movie, “Casablanca.”

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