CNN Manipulates Video to Show ‘History-Making’ Hillary as a Glowing ‘Golden God’

Barack Obama was America’s first “made for primetime” candidate. From the moment he took the Democrat nomination, virtually every mainstream media outlet worked to glorify the Dear Leader. They offered only the most-glamorous shots and most-forgiving camera angles. They hung on his every word and dutifully parroted the left’s selling points. Authors wrote kids books about the glory of Barack Obama and America succumbed to idol worship not seen since the Beatles played Ed Sullivan’s show.

Now, it’s Hillary’s turn…

Hillary Clinton is already being offered the press’ manipulative treatment. Though Clinton holds no accomplishments of note (other than corruption and complete failure in every endeavor she has attempted), the media is working to shine a glorious light upon the first female presidential contender.


On Tuesday, Clinton clinched the Democrat nomination as she had accumulated enough pledged delegates to seize the nomination. In celebration of the victory, mainstream media outlets fawned over the scandal-plagued bureaucrat whose record can only be interpreted as either stunning negligence or outright treason.

On CNN’s New Day, producers altered Hillary Clinton’s image as she ascended to become the Democrat nominee. Clinton offered a speech detailing how “progressive” it was that a woman is the Democrat nominee for the presidency and as she basked in the adoring applause of the truly mindless, CNN altered Clinton’s appearance to show her glowing like a liberal god with light appearing to emanate from the left’s false prophet.

Jeff Zeleny gushed, “Hillary Clinton’s history-making moment” and exclaimed, “Savoring a triumph in her long Democratic primary fight — exactly eight years after extinguishing her first trailblazing campaign!”

Clinton extended-out her arms as the CNN producers filtered her image to make her appear as a glowing god.

Of course, this kind of imagery is standard for Hollywood movies. For news reports, however, it is inappropriate and reminiscent of the kind of work Leni Riefenstahl did for Hitler. The beginning of “Triumph of the Will” depicts Hitler descending from the sky like a god to come save the people of Germany.

Now, if CNN is to be believed, Hillary has come to wash-away our sins and save our nation.

With Katie Couric manipulating interviews and CNN adding the glow of a socialist goddess to Clinton, it seems that there are damn few places where one can receive news without flagrant manipulation.



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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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