CNN Reporter Upset that Terrorism Overshadowing ‘Climate Change’ in Media


Our president’s priorities are shockingly backwards. President Obama hates furthering the notion of American exceptionalism, but endlessly divides by pushing a “social justice” agenda that is nauseatingly warped. He sees men peeing next to little girls as a civil rights imperative, but sees the Second Amendment as an obsolete relic.

And, of course, he views “climate change” as a problem in desperate need of government’s heavy-handedness, but views Islamic terrorism as a relatively unimportant issue and spend more time defending Islam from accusations than doing anything meaningful to curb such viciousness.

Evidently, Obama is not along in harboring a warped world viewpoint. CNN’s White House correspondent Michelle Kosinski recently vented her frustration with the fact that whenever President Obama travels to combat “climate change,” inevitably, the media focuses on the strengthening global terrorism that threatens all of us.

In a segment on “CNN Newsroom,” Kosinski reported from Canada on Obama’s recent call with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regarding the recent terrorist attack that killed 41.

Rather than focus on the need for a global effort to combat Islamic terrorism, Kosinski stated,

“It’s also interesting to think that virtually every time we go on one of these foreign trips where the White House wants to emphasize something else, I mean here, they really want to be focusing on North America and climate change. Again, terrorism has overshadowed some of those subjects.”

“And we know the president is going to be getting more questions about this and those abilities of ISIS to launch these attacks throughout the day,” she continued.

In all fairness, however, President Obama is prone to discuss “climate change” when he should be discussing terrorism.

In the wake of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, Obama laughably claimed that him discussing “climate change” with foreign leaders would serve as a powerful “rebuke” of ISIS.

The biggest tragedy here is not that the media is focusing on terrorism at a time when they should be focusing on the manufactured and politicized hysteria surrounding “climate change”; the problem here is that we are still saddled with a president who is thoroughly incapable of addressing the dangers of radical Islam and is impotent in his ability to do anything meaningful about the rising threat.

Perhaps Ms. Kosinski is more concerned with alarm caused by weather, but most Americans are likely more concerned with not being shot or blown up by radical zealots who are doing so in the name of a religion that Obama pretends is a “religion of peace.”

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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