CNN Doesn’t Like Being Treated The Way Obama Treated FOX News for 8 Years

CNN may as well change their name to the Crying News Network because this is absolutely pathetic.

On Tuesday, just in time for Barack Obama’s farewell speech that evening and the day before President-elect Donald Trump’s scheduled news conference, CNN ran an unsubstantiated, unvetted, unconfirmed report that the Russians had information on Donald Trump and were attempting to “compromise” him. While they only released an excerpt and not the full document, the fact that CNN, which claims to be the “most trusted name in news” although polling of the American people shows otherwise, CNN running the report gave it some credence. From there, BuzzFeed ran with it and published the entire report with a disclaimer that they could not confirm the information and there were errors within it. They released a lame statement today, after drying their tears that flowed while listening to Obama’s farewell speech, saying they just thought the people could read it for themselves and make a decision.

The report was so filled with unverified claims and errors that even the New York Times, which is no stranger to attacks on Trump, wouldn’t run the story. Dean Baquet, executive editor of the Times, said, “We, like others, investigated the allegations and haven’t corroborated them, and we felt we’re not in the business of publishing things we can’t stand by.”

But obviously, CNN was okay with running the story and giving it credence. Today, during his first press conference since winning the presidency, Trump refused to take a question from CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. In fact, he went further than that and told Acosta that CNN was “fake news.”

The irony of it all is that CNN and other news organizations have talked exhaustively about the problem with “fake news” and many on the Left have used allegations of fake news as a reason for Hillary Clinton’s loss. They still can’t accept that she was simply a terribly flawed candidate whose corruption, lies, and inability to truly connect with the people were just too much to overcome. In addition, her insult of Republicans as a bigger enemy to her than ISIS and Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables” did not weigh favorably with independent voters and even some Democrats.

Acosta tried his best to get Trump to take a question saying that he owed it to them to ask a follow-up question, but it didn’t work. Trump told him he was being rude and went with a different reporter’s question.

Following that presser, Acosta appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper to talk about the exchange and, of course, made the network, and spreader of fake news, out to be the victim.

You’ve got to see this.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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