College Student Refuses to Tip Waitress Because She’s WHITE

South Africa has a long history of racist oppression and racial strife. Like America, it is a nation that is under siege by those who believe the best way to address historical inequalities is to wage a campaign of retribution and bigotry against those who had little or nothing to do with the social inequalities of yesteryear.

In keeping with this tradition, two friends recently purposely stiffed a waitress in a restaurant because she was white and one of the two scumbags boasted about it on Facebook.

Though this occurred in a different country, remember that this kind of outright bigotry is taking place in America daily and is being openly celebrated as a matter of “civil rights.”

An Oxford University student recently dined at a restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, with a friend who he described as a “radical non-binary trans black activist.”

The duo then scribbled on the check in place of a tip: “WE WILL GIVE TIP WHEN YOU RETURN THE LAND.” They then handed it to the waitress who ended up crying.

Oxford campus activist Ntokozo Qwab, in a since-deleted Facebook post, revealed the altercation with the white girl who was simply trying to make a living and likely had no part in Dutch settlement of South Africa that dates back to 1652.

“LOL wow unable to stop smiling because something so black, wonderful & LIT just happened!” Qwab claimed.

Then he proceeded to tell the whole “wonderful” story. He rejoices about the supposedly brave act of eliciting “white tears” and when confronted by a male coworker of the poor girl, the duo explains that this shouldn’t cause anyone to get upset as the part of the racial revolution where blacks take up arms hasn’t even come yet.

He concludes:

“Moral of the story: the time has come when no white person will be absolved. We are tired of “not all white people” and all other bullshit. We are here and we want our stolen land back. No white person will be out here living their best life while we are out here being a landless dispossessed black mass. NO white person shall rest. It is irrelevant if you personally have land/wealth or you don’t.”

Though we should be welcomed to discuss the historical inequalities of South Africa, I’m not sure stiffing a white waitress out of a sense of racial hatred is the surest way to effect one’s outrageously racist agenda.

This is a sickening mindset that transcends national borders. This kind of obscene, legitimized racism is seen every day in the U.S.

The Black Lives Matter “movement” in the U.S. has called for, at various times, segregation of academic institutions, reparations and even extermination of white people. Simultaneously, this sickening bigotry has been applauded by white apologists and black criminals alike and it has achieved a semblance of legitimacy that should chill all lovers of freedom to their very core.


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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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