College Students Protest Against Cops and They Have a New Slogan

Image: Campus Reform/Robert Petrosyan

Idiotic Social Justice Warriors and volatile Black Lives Matter anarchists protested against police on the University of California at Irvine campus. While some may argue that protesting is as old as America, it is what they demanded during their protest, and what they chanted, that makes their actions so dangerous.

The protest was called  “Blue Lives Don’t Matter” and featured students carrying “blood splattered” signs with the words “Blue Lives Don’t Matter” as they yelled “Blue Lives Don’t Matter,” “Police Kill the Mentally Ill,” and “F@ck the Police.” This anti-police event filled with violent rhetoric towards cops was in response to the university’s organized symposium, “Race and Policing.”

The university advertised their event as a way to “bring together leading scholars and innovative practitioners to define the problem, identify challenges, and discuss possible solutions to [police brutality.]”

Apparently, the Black Student Union wanted nothing to do with this event, instead organizing their own protest against the constructive event in order to call for death of police officers. I guess the “possible solutions” to the problem is, according to these students, to kill the police, either literally, as is evidenced by their blood splattered signs, or by eliminating police departments, which they also demanded.

According to Campus Reform, the group was also caught on video chanting “Rise up, resist, put those killer cops in jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell,” during their march around campus.

In addition, the Black Student Union sold t-shirts and sweatshirts on an official Facebook page with the phrase “FUCK the Police.” The page has since been removed.


Beyond threatening the lives of police officers, the Black Student Union also demanded that UC-Irvine ban the campus police from the campus and also demanded the immediate firing of the LAPD police chief Charlie Beck.

Robert Petrosyan, Chairman Emeritus of the UCI College Republicans, called the group out for their lack of desire for a constructive conversation and direct dialogue with police. He described this protest against police as “misguided and ignorant in every since of the word.” As more evidence that the group wants anarchy not dialogue and change, when Petrosyan tried to engage in conversation with the protesters, he was met with “anger and hateful chants.”

Speaking with Campus Reform, Petrosyan called out the anarchists of Black Lives Matter for their dangerous rhetoric and tactics.

“They openly advocate to ban the police at UC Irvine despite the fact that there was no case of police brutality on campus that they could point to, and they perpetuate myths of the Black Lives Matter movement that only lead to more trouble for those living in those neighborhoods. Black Lives do matter, as do Blue Lives and all lives. And when people die as a result of riots, looting, or under-policing coming from the black lives matter movement, those lives matter too.”


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