College Tells Students Pledge and Flag Not Allowed at Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Remember back when the left, and some on the right, made a stink about the Confederate flag? Following the murder of six people at a historically black church in South Carolina by a deranged white man, something curious happened. Rather than blaming the gun, as leftists typically do, they blamed the Confederate flag because the shooter had been photographed with one. Thus began the movement to eradicate American history of not only the Confederate flag, but of anything related to Confederate history.

The graves of Confederate soldiers and generals were dug up. Statues were defaced or moved. The General Lee, the iconic Dodge Charger from the hit 1970s and 1980s television show the Dukes of Hazzard was not even safe, with the Confederate flag on its roof removed as well. At the time, The PolitiStick and others argued that next we would witness a full-on assault on the American flag with calls to ban it because it might offend others. It turns out, we were sadly right.

Seattle Pacific University has informed the group “Students for Military Veterans Support” that they are not allowed to have the presentation of colors, i.e. the flag, or recite the Pledge of Allegiance at a Veteran’s Day ceremony scheduled to take place at First Free Methodist, which is located on campus. The group was told that the Pledge and the flag could been seen as offensive to other students, therefore both are banned.

Is this even America anymore?

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The university released a statement which claimed that the organizers of the event made the decision to leave out the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance from the ceremony honoring veterans.

“The organizers decided not to include the pledge of allegiance and the presentation of colors during the November 10 chapel, given that there are diversity of views on campus whether such elements should be part of a Christian worship service.”

However, it appears that it was not the decision of the group “Students for Military Veterans Support,” but rather an edict that was given by University Chaplain Bo Lim. In an email to Campus Fix, Lim said, “If the purpose of the service was in part, an opportunity for the entire SPU community to grow in solidarity and support for our military community, I believe including the pledge and flag would work counter to that.”

Citing the fact that some members of the community are from Anabaptist traditions, which are pacifist, Lim says, “This Christian tradition is pacifist, and would object to Christians serving in the military, holding military Christian services, and having military or political symbols in church sanctuaries.”

But, many students are furious.

FOX News’ Todd Starnes reports that Sarah Martin, who was 21 years old when she founded the group, has implored the chaplain to reconsider. She sent a powerful message with her request.

“By removing the presentation of the flag and the pledge of allegiance, SPU would not only disrespect students from the military and intelligence community on campus, but also eliminate any reference to the values and freedoms that make it possible for University Ministries to assemble at a chapel in the first place. Furthermore, you are stripping the chapel of a deeper meaning that glorifies God.”

She continued, “I believe that eliminating the pledge will rob Christians of the opportunity to give God the glory for the blessings of our freedoms, which were preserved by our veterans and are symbolized by our flag.”

Of course, the group is being accused of being disrespectful of diversity because Christians are, in Obama’s America, expected to turn away from their beliefs to appease the intolerance of others and American pride is attacked as xenophobic.

To this, she said, “It’s called the Veteran’s Day Chapel. No one is forced to participate. No one is forcing them to stand and place their hand over their heart and recite the pledge.”

Martin added, “We want them to bring back the flag as they originally planned to do. It’s a Veteran’s Day Chapel and if someone is uncomfortable with the flag, it is unlikely they would go to the chapel in the first place.”



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