Commie Cop Killer Loving Marc Lamont Hill Insults Veterans on Veterans’ Day!

Morehouse College professor and CNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill is known for his support of cop killers. Hill, who has also been a FOX News contributor and a professor at Columbia University, has for years supported convicted convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. In fact, he even wrote a book with Abu-Jamal in 2011. He also described the terrorist actions of cop killer Christopher Dorner as “exciting,” remarking that it’s like watching a real life Django Unchained.

While Hill is no stranger to controversy, it is still a bit shocking that he would attack veterans with a post on BOTH Instagram and Twitter featuring communist Cuban paramilitaries on Veteran’s Day.

When Hill was called out for this highly insensitive and insulting tweet by someone pointing out that the picture was of communist soldiers, he responded,“I just realized that. And deleted.”


The shocking posts were done by Hill on Wednesday morning. He deleted the tweet once someone called him out, but the similar post on Instagram remained up until he was called out for that, too. Luckily, there is such a thing as a screenshot and it was captured before Hill could delete it.


After removing it, Hill attempted to explain himself with a series of tweets.

Uh, sorry, bro. That doesn’t in any way explain insulting American military veterans with a picture that essentially likened them to Communist soldiers.

Neither does that.

Yeah, so they could do without your outrageous insult, especially on a day that celebrates them.

Wait. What? So your dad’s a veteran, yet you insult all American military veterans on Veterans’ Day?

The commie cop killer loving Hill was perhaps schooled best by NoGuff1 on Twitter.


h/t Gateway Pundit

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