Common Core Creator: Parents are Too Stupid to Help with Homework. Rely on Teachers Instead

When I was a child, my family fled California for a number of reasons. Beyond the increasingly-omnipresence of government, the final straw came when I came home and told my mother about the teacher’s new emphasis on “creative spelling.” The principle was just as it sounds- to my second grade teacher, there was no “right” or “wrong” way to spell, but one could spell creatively and that would be okay.

This was in the early ‘90’s. I can only imagine what scholars California’s public school system is churning-out now.

Common Core is an extension of this ludicrous style of “teaching.” While “creative spelling” has not, to my knowledge, made it onto the curriculum, the methods of teaching children is every bit as flawed.

Each and every month since the one-size-fits-all standardize curriculum emerged in public schools, horror stories have trickled-out with children learning inappropriate subjects and carefully-crafted leftist indoctrination to prepare them for the indoctrination they will soon receive in public universities.

However, the math curriculums have not been immune from criticisms either as they are unnecessarily convoluted and complicated. Those who crafted the curriculum crafted new, complicated methods of teaching math and amidst the outcries of criticisms, one of the architects of Common Core has highlighted the supposed problem: parents, he alleges, are too stupid to understand Common Core’s brilliance.

Jason Zimba, one of the three academics who helped author the standards, maintains that parents don’t know what they’re doing and should not attempt to help their children with math homework. In true statist fashion, he cautions that parents shouldn’t be involved, but rely upon the teachers to be the sole conduit for learning.

“The math instruction on the part of parents should be low. The teacher is there to explain the curriculum,” Zimba told The Hechinger Report, a Columbia University’s Teachers College- published  education journalism website.

“The most important rule as a parent is to make sure it gets done,” said Zimba. “I may not have time to do an impromptu lesson on math but I can make sure everything is completed.”

In this scenario, the costly and overbearing one-size-fits-all set of educational standards is not the problem; for Zimba, the problem is that parents don’t understand the “new” ways of doing math that have remained unchanged for millennia.

While new, innovative methods of teaching is a good thing, it’s incredible that anyone can still defend these standards that not only infuse our children with leftist propaganda, but that strive to overly-complicate simple arithmetic in the same way that bureaucracy has complicated simple administrative government.

As an example of what our children are learning, please see below as a Common Core stooge explains why a child believing “3 times 4 equals 11″ is perfectly acceptable…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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