Racist Communist Hints at Run Against Ted Cruz

Trumpaloompas were overly butthurt at the Republican National Convention last week that Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Republicans in the audience to vote for politicians who uphold the U.S. Constitution and to “vote their conscience,” which Trump Cult members interpreted as anyone but Donald Trump (even though Cruz spent a considerable time bashing Hillary Clinton and telling people to go out and vote.)

Democrats have been watching and smell blood in the water, interpreting Ted Cruz’s principled stand as vulnerability.

Enter anti-American communist, pro-illegal alien, open borders activist, Congressman Joaquin Castro , the other half of the Castro brother twins. His brother is Obama’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro. Joaquin told ABC News on Thursday that he was considering challenging Ted Cruz in 2018.

Joaquin Castro, who is named after the 1967 Chicano anti-gringo poem, “I Am Joaquin,” tipped his hand by slamming the popular Texas Senator as someone who made Washington worse. In other words, Cruz stood up to big government-types in both parties.

“Many Texans have been extremely disappointed in Ted, in his leadership. Ted doesn’t work for Texas. He works for Ted,” Joaquin Castro told ABC. “He is somebody who went to Washington and made it worse,” he said.

I Am Joaquín opens as follows:

I am Joaquín,

lost in a world of confusion,

caught up in the whirl of a

gringo society,

confused by the rules,

scorned by attitudes,

suppressed by manipulation,

and destroyed by modern society.

Castro’s mother “Maria “Rosie” Castro, is a radical leftist who co-founded the racist communist front group called La Raza Unida, which literally means “The Race United,” the equivalent of a white supremacist group for communist Chicanos.

Her communist, racist, and divisive political views remain an inspiration for both Castro brothers who have been groomed to infiltrate the government since youth.

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Another name who has surfaced as a possible Democrat challenger is “Abortion Barbie,” anti-life activist Wendy Davis, who was crushed like a grape by then-Attorney General Greg Abbott in 2014 in the race to become Governor of Texas.

Ted Cruz actually used that rumor as a fundraising opportunity this week on Wednesday:

Earlier in the week, Castro told FOX News, when asked about a potential run for the U.S. Senate against Ted Cruz in 2018, “I will take a look at it.”

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