Community Agitator on Steroids: Obama Reveals his Post Presidential Plans

Since Barack Obama was a community agitator in Chicago, frequently shaking down businesses and individuals to conform to his agenda or else, it should come as no surprise that he plans to return to his community agitator ways once he leaves office in January 2017. This time, however, it will be on an even larger scale that will negatively impact all Americans.

It’s no secret that Obama has pushed his global warming, climate change, or whatever they are calling it these days, agenda. He declares the science to be settled despite tens of thousands of scientists disagreeing with the existence of man-made global warming. When he leaves office, he plans on using his voice and influence as a former president to continue to strongarm Republicans who have stood in opposition to his agenda.

Speaking to the New York Times, Obama made his intentions to continue to lobby for his global warming agenda be known.

“My hope is, maybe as ex-president, I can have a little more influence on some of my Republican friends who, I think, up until now have been resistant to the science,” Obama said.

“There’s no reason this should be a partisan issue because it’s something all of us are gonna have to tackle, and maybe I’ll get more of a hearing if I’m not occupying a political office,” he said.

The Obamas previously announced that they will remain in DC so that their youngest daughter, who attends the elite private school Sidwell and Friends, can finish high school. So now he will transform himself from president back to community agitator as a global warming/climate change lobbyist.

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, has gone on record as saying that man-made global warming doesn’t exist. Despite the evidence he has presented and the fact that emails released in ClimateGate revealed that scientists were falsifying, destroying and leaving out data in order to politicize global warming and arrive at predetermined outcomes, you can bet that Obama will continue to ignore the evidence.

Global warming/climate change have become the Left’s boogeyman for everything, used as a “cause” for poverty, crime, and even terrorism.

So you can expect Obama to become the lead false prophet for the left’s god of global warming and attempt to bully and shakedown those in DC even more once he is no longer president.

h/t Daily Caller

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Jennifer Burke
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