Concrete Video Proof Universities are America-Hating Communist Brainwashing Camps

Yale University administrator is "happy to" rip up the U.S. Constitution with his bare hands. Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube/Project VeritasYale University administrator is "happy to" rip up the U.S. Constitution with his bare hands. Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube/Project Veritas

If you kind of had the hunch that America’s major universities had been fundamentally transformed by leftist professors and administrators into Marxist and Communist brainwashing camps, but needed more truth than the plethora of anecdotal evidence that we see around us on a daily basis, this should provide all the proof you need.

In the extremely disturbing video below, produced by award-winning undercover investigative journalist James O’Keefe and his organization, Project Veritas, officials at three of America’s most (formerly) prestigeous universities — Cornell, Syracuse and Yale — are seen being in favor of destroying the U.S. Constitution, the very document that secure the freedoms that made America the most prosperous and free country in the history of mankind.

In the eye-opening video, you will watch paid college officials physically destroying the U.S. Constitution by various means. One uses a shredder, another a pair of scissors, while another gladly rips it apart using his bare hands, all to protect “triggered” students who claim to have somehow had their feelings hurt by the founding document.

Jason Killheffer, Yale University’s Director, Academic Integrity Programs; Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator was asked if he would favor banning the Constitution, and he responded, “I hope so, I mean, that’s – that would be like I said, my expectation is if someone were distributing or, you know, posting offensive materials, that the dean would – would listen to that and take some sort of action as appropriate, you know.”

Sounding like Obama, Elizabeth McGrath, Cornell University’s Lead Title IX Investigator, was caught on hidden camera telling a Project Veritas investigative journalist that: “Like I said before, it is a very flawed document and it is written by flawed individuals.” Ms. McGrath then went on to shred the Constitution as if she were trying to purge one of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“Using a shredder, scissors, and bare hands to destroy the U.S. Constitution, makes you stop and think: where did we go wrong?,” says Project Veritas President James O’Keefe. “In this latest investigative series we have been to 5 schools so far and the results have been frightening at each one. The totality of these schools, however, is the real threat. This is not an isolated incident, rather it is common practice, and that it is unacceptable.”

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O’Keefe, who is credited with the takedown of the leftist ACORN scam operation, earlier produced videos from Vassar and Oberlin colleges showing similar anti-American activites.

Students and their parents may want to demand a refund and then transfer to a college that doesn’t hate America and the freedoms we enjoy, like Hillsdale College or Liberty University.


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Matthew K. Burke
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