CONFIRMED: Devoted Muslim Syed Farook Identified as One of the Attackers in San Bernardino [PICTURES]

Image Source: Pamela Geller

The identity of one of the attackers at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California has been identified as Syed Farook. He has been identified by his father as a devoutly religious Muslim. The name is being reported by the LA Times, CBS News, and shockingly the Daily Beast.

The media was quick to say that Farook is a U.S. citizen, though the Fort Hood terrorist, Nidal Malik Hassan, was also a U.S. citizen who committed jihad on base murdering 13 fellow soldiers who were in a facility where they had to be unarmed. Farouk reportedly worked as a health inspector in restaurants and hospitals.

Pamela Geller posted a picture of Farook on her website and said this simply confirmed her reports from hours before. It confirms as well the report of PolitiStick from police scanners and counter-terrorism experts.

This confirms the report based upon police scanners and sources of counter-terrorism experts who appeared on The O’Reilly Factor that one of the attackers was Middle Eastern. The name, as was previously stated, was simply reversed.

FOX News’ Adam Housley has also said that the other attacker also has “a weird name.” They will still not say whether this was terrorism, but are instead stressing that Farook was an American citizen.

To read more about the opinions based upon sources from counter-terrorism experts, please go HERE.

For additional information regarding the attack in San Bernardino today, including current updates, please go HERE.

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