Congressman Dave Brat Explains What ‘Governing’ Means in DC; Blows Lid Off Corrupt DC Budget Process

Congressman Dave Brat, who crushed establishment RINO Eric Cantor, then the second most powerful Republican in the House in 2014, with very little money or name recognition, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday and exposed the corrupt and feckless Republican leadership team, blowing the lid off their budget deal games.

First, host Chuck Todd, a leftist journalist, tried to paint Brat into a corner, insinuating that it’s those pesky conservatives who are the problem in Congress.

“Congressman Brat, let me start with you. You’re a member of the Freedom Caucus. What is it that you want, and what is it that Speaker Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and Eric Cantor haven’t delivered?” Todd asked.

Brat answered that a high percentage of Republican voters are disgusted with Republicans in D.C., who don’t keep their promises and don’t fight against the leftist policies they pledged to fight when elected:

“Well, they all ran on a pledge to America. And just like your 72% of the folks out there in the real world, say, “We make these promises when we run, but then when we get up here, we’re called ‘unrealistic’ by the Washington establishment and the bubble up here.” What we want is what the American people want.

We have $19 trillion in debt, $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. All federal revenues will be spent in 11 years on just entitlement programs and interest on the debt. There will be not one dollar left for the military, education, transportation, and all of running government. So the American people want us to make progress on that.

Plus, President Obama, when I came in last year in November, we had the unconstitutional amnesty. Our leadership said we were going to fight tooth and nail on that thing. It’s unconstitutional. President Obama said it 20 times on TV. Then you have overreach on all sorts of Dodd-Frank on the financial side, EPA regulation, a bad Iran deal. The people say, “Hey, step up and make the case for us.” And so that’s what we want to do.”

Establishment stooge, Rep. Charlie Dent (RINO-PA), said that Congress must “prove to the American people we can govern. And that means we have to make sure the government is funded.”

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Congressman Dave Brat defined what the word “govern” means in Washington, DC, which is always “increased spending.”

“The governing up in this place seems to always mean increased spending. That’s what it means up here in D.C. That’s not what governing means to the American people. Governing means getting the ship going in the right direction,” Brat explained.

Brat then went on to expose the self-inflicted, purposely created endless budget crisis schemes every few months, with phony deadlines imposed, usually right before a holiday break like Christmas, to force Congress into increasing spending.

“So we have this budget chaos. Every year, right before Christmas, right? So we’ve got a CR coming up, we’re going to fund it. Then we have an omni coming up second week of December.

And so the point is, guess what? It’s going to be utter chaos. The left is going to throw in all their toys they want into this thing, the right’s going to throw it in. This was orchestrated on purpose, in my view. The budget committee finished its work back in April, May. Yeah, we voted the next step in the budget process, it goes to appropriations, 12 bills.

We passed five, the Senate only one. The Senate is a major problem. But we shouldn’t be waving a white flag ahead of time. Charlie’s kind of saying we should just give in and cave because we don’t have the votes in the Senate.”

Watch principled constitutional conservative Dave Brat debate RINO squish Charlie Dent, who represents the Washington Cartel:

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Matthew K. Burke
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