Trump Groupie Calls Tara Setmayer a ‘Liberal’ for Not Supporting Trump; Bad Move

Tara Setmayer Kayleigh McEnany

I almost (not really) feel sorry for the Trump apologists who are assigned the task of trying to put lipstick on the daily crazy bloviations of Donald Trump.

Especially when they are tasked with sitting next to rising conservative star Tara Setmayer, who beats them over the head with truth, logic, and facts in a way that leaves the Trump cultists looking like the useful idiots they are.

Setmayer’s latest prey is Trump groupie Kayleigh McEnany, who gets brutally owned in the two following clips.

In the first video below, Setmayer reacts to a tactic used by McEnany, as well as too many other Trumpists, which is to define all constitutional conservatives who refuse to join the Trump cult as “liberals,” which is hilarious given Trump’s track record as a lifelong New York liberal and that he’s funded liberal Democrats for decades.

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Let’s just say that that Kayleigh McEnany probably isn’t going to pull that out of her bag of tricks again. At least, probably not against Tara Setmayer any time soon.

In the second video, Setmayer obliterates McEnany’s defense of Trump’s comments on Tuesday, which many interpreted to be an encouragement to “Second Amendment people” that they should take out Hillary Clinton if she’s elected and appoints “her judges.”

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Both are from CNN on Wednesday and are less than two minutes and are worthy of your time.

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Matthew K. Burke
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