Conservative Meetup Causes Major Police Forces to Be Called In: Welcome to Obama’s America

Major police force, including helicopters with spotlights, showed up at a completely peaceful and otherwise uneventful gathering of local conservatives in Scottsdale, Arizona on Wednesday, after speakers began talking about the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment, and securing the porous U.S. border with Mexico at a Breitbart News sponsored meet-up organized by Breitbart’s Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence.

When a local group of between an estimated 150-200 at the K O’Donnell’s Sports and Grill in Scottsdale were listening to a passionate speech by Breitbart’s Brandon Darby about the mission of Breitbart Texas on the Southern border, reportedly one or two people complained to the establishment’s management, and shortly thereafter, Darby’s microphone was cut off and volume to the televisions was turned up. Multiple Scottsdale police officers also showed up on the scene showing force typically reserved for terrorist attacks.

PolitiStick’s Jennifer Burke, Kristina Hall and myself attended the event and were shocked and stunned — as were the rest of the attendees — that police showed up, because there were no confrontations, no shouting, no yelling, no fighing, no disagreement, no disturbing the peace — NOTHING.

K O'Donnell's

Police officers who arrived at the event to K O’Donnell’s said that they were called because the group at the pre-planned event were told to leave, which, as an attendee of the event, was a complete fabrication. The police were completely professional, courteous, and seemed somewhat surprised that they were there, but said it was reported that the group had been “unruly,” which as an attendee of the event I, and everyone else in attendance can tell you, was the furthest thing from the truth, as this perplexed attendee who, who said no one was “unruly” and thought that the talk supporting the Second Amendment is what causes the two leftists to complain to management:

Our Jennifer Burke gave a live summary at the event, below, including showing a helicopter hovering over the event — a complete waste of police resources and taxpayer dollars.

In the middle of Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby’s speech, given in a sectioned off and covered open-air section of the establishment, the event was suddenly shut down by K O’Donnell management when they blasted the previously muted TV’s, tuned to national sports coverage, and turned off the volume to Darby’s microphone just as he was about to conduct a Q&A session regarding his work reporting on the Texas border.

As conservatives at the event became aware of the police arrival, they immediately began requesting their checks, feeling that if the establishment was going to act in an intolerant, bigoted, and frankly anti-American way, then they were no longer deserving of their patronage — or dollars.

As the shocked and stunned conservatives in attendence left in regret, several expressed anger at being treated in such a way, and promised to go on Yelp and express their displeasure in the form of negative Yelp ratings.

One Yelp reviewer, “Jennifer H.” from nearby Chandler, AZ, said that she would rate the restaurant lower than one star if that were possible, after K O’Donnell’s “called the police on a group of peaceful patriots.”

“I would give fewer than 1 star but that is not an option. Tonight your restaurant called the police on a group of peaceful patriots who you approved to meet on your patio. This restaurant should be ashamed that one America-hating patron allowed your judgement to be skewed. You authorized these patriots to be paying customers on your premises & then called the police, who sent a helicopter.  Shame!”

Attendees told us that the owner’s daughter, Jennifer O’Donnell, insisted that the ownership were conservatives, and not progressive leftist Democrats. However, an examination of the owner, Kevin O’Donnell’s recent Facebook posts reveals exactly the opposite, including this post where he comes to the defense of Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty and open borders policy to bash FOX News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro, who was critical of the anti-American policy of refusing to enforce the nation’s immigration laws:


A “conservative” defending Obama’s illegal amnesty? It’s pretty clear that the establishment didn’t like the speech from Breitbart Texas managing editor Brandon Darby about securing the border and the message about the Mexican drug cartels wrecking havok, anarchy and mayhem on the border, a direct condemnation of the Obama Regime.

Watch below as two gentlemen who attended the event, Chris and Stan, explain what happened, saying they were shocked that police were called in:

PolitiStick’s Jennifer Burke reports further, wondering if what she has just experienced is happening in Arizona, USA, or the USSR or communist China:

Approaching the 11:30 mark of Brandon Darby’s speech, in the below video provided to PolitiStick, you can witness (although it’s dark) management cutting Darby’s microphone and the TV sound suddenly being blasted to drown out his politically incorrect message — at least to anti-American liberals:

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Matthew K. Burke
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