Conservatives Have No Horse in this Race; What Do They Do Now?

Frustration arises when the mind tells you to act, but you are uncertain what to focus on or what direction to take. The Republican Primary has voters stupefied by the reality that their party is co-opted by elitists if not by elements of the Democrat party.  Democrats have two horses in this Presidential race.  Conservatives are horseless.  Enter massive frustration.  Here is some curative focus and direction to reclaim our country.

The Presidential Election – Consider a third party for this election.  Trump and Clinton are wildly unpopular. The stage is set for the best Electoral College opportunity a third party has ever seen.

Ideologically, the Constitution Party holds dear to Conservatives principles our Founders outlined in the founding documents.  They failed to make it on ballots in all 50 states.  Realistically, that hampers their chance to win.  Post-November 2016, this party becomes a focus to build for mid-terms and the 2020 Presidential election.

The Libertarian Party is on all 50 state ballots.I adamantly oppose their pot legalization pipedream – I’ve seen “harmless” weed kill people and destroy families.  Thankfully, Libertarians don’t force things on people.  They adopt a States’ Rights mentality.  That mentality is refreshing, and largely absent in Washington, D.C.  Trump or Hillary in office concerns me more in terms of a deathblow to our country than does the Libertarian pot plank.  I wish the party would grow up and drop pot as a plank.

Focus and direction: For the Presidential race, throw support behind a single third party:  The Libertarians provide the strongest third party structure capable of winning.  Conservatives can muster the numbers they need. (Remember, more Republicans voted against Trump in the Primary than voted for him.)

Down-ticket elections are critical to taking back our country.  Support Conservative candidates that have been in Washington fewer than 12 years and hold a belief that they are there to serve, then leave. (resource: Conservative Review)  

Here are the RINOs to focus on removing from office this election with their opponents to support – send the opponents money, vote if you are in their district or state, help them muster supporters.   There are some people you would like to oust, but their more Conservative primary opponents lost. (Young in AK, Shelby in AL – combined they have 75 years in D.C. – that’s ridiculous!)  I’ve focused on the RINO Senate and Speaker Paul Ryan. The Senate is deeply entrenched and needs flushing.   Rep. Ryan must go.  

The Republican Party has done a horrible job of vetting candidates to assure Republican views are represented. Voters are left with a false impression that voting Republican means they are supporting Conservative views.  Most Republicans, however, vote for and support Democrat ideas consistently.  Tenured Senators also have the advantage of campaign war chests they have built over decades, some over 40 years.  How does a new candidate compete? (ex. Chuck Grassley)  

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Focus and direction:

ARIZONA: Oust Sen. McCain, elect Kelli Ward

IDAHO: Oust Sen. Crapo, elect Ray J. Writz

ILLINOIS: Oust Sen. Kirk, elect Chad Koppie

MISSOURI: Oust Sen. Blunt, elect Kristi Nichols

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Oust Sen. Ayotte, elect Jim Rubens

NORTH DAKOTA: Oust Sen. Hoeven, elect Robert Marquette

OHIO: Oust Sen. Portman, elect Scott Rupert

FLORIDA: Oust Sen. Rubio, elect Carlos Beruff

WISCONSIN: Oust Sen. Johnson, elect Phillip Anderson

WISCONSIN: Oust Rep. Paul Ryan, elect Paul Nehlen

Convention of States – Founding Father George Mason planned for an over-reaching Federal government and proposed Article V. It was unanimously adopted and remedies unchecked Federal government by giving States a way to amend the Constitution.  An Article V Convention of States requires proposed amendments to be approved for consideration by 34 states.  The proposed amendments must then be ratified by 38 state legislatures to become Amendments.  A Convention of States may propose amendments to fix things Congress will never address: term limits, taxes, the IRS, limiting Supreme Court Justices to 12 years of service, and curtailing Executive Orders.  Our country needs a Convention of States to reclaim power for the People and stop tyranny.  

Focus and direction:  Visit the Convention of States site, sign the petition, and get involved.

Learn Conservative ideas.  Start by reading the founding documents, and then read The Law by Frederic Bastiat (the answer to the Communist Manifesto), The 5,000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen. Read the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers.  

Understand the enemy by reading The Communist Manifesto by Marx, The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen, and Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.   You will be alarmed at how much the other side has accomplished toward its goals.  

Focus and direction: Read and get involved in local groups that promote Conservative ideas from the school board to the Senate.  

Don’t get frustrated; get busy.  You’ll feel better, and we will make our nation more Conservative. That will benefit everyone.

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Kevin Myers
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