Constituent Blasts Rahm Emanuel as a Lousy Tipper Who Doesn’t Care About Black People

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Chicago Mayor Rahm “Deadfish” Emanuel, formerly Obama’s Chief of Staff who also served as an aide in the Clinton White House, is campaigning heavily for re-election as he faces a run-off with fellow progressive Democrat Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. Like most politicians facing a tough re-election, Emanuel is upping his campaign game, but one attempt at a candid pic by “Deadfish” Emanuel has horribly backfired.

One man, who goes by GQ, exposed Emanuel’s charade after the mayor took a picture with him at the health food store where he works. GQ posted a picture of himself, looking quite unhappy, and a big smiling Emanuel on Instagram. He mentioned in the post that the Mayor visited his store, and how he does not like him in the least. He said in his post, “The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel came by my job, still can’t stand this muthafucka tho.”


These words give insight into how strong GQ’s negative feelings towards Emanuel truly are. In an interview with progressive local magazine “In These Times,” GQ gave very specific examples as to why he dislikes Rahm Emanuel.

Calling the mayor out for only going to his part of town because he’s trying to get elected, GQ said, “He was smilin’ and cheesin’ and stuff. I’m like, dude, come on: you’re only doing that because you’re trying to get elected. You’re trying to make it look like you’re a man of the people. But you’re not.”

He then went on to comment on where he believes Emanuel’s priorities are, and it has nothing to do with the black neighborhoods. He said, “He only caters to people on the North Side, like the Gold Coast. The only time I see him on the South Side is when it comes time for elections.”

The Gold Coast is a reference to the city’s most wealthy neighborhoods, which also happen to be white. He doesn’t see anything being done about the violence in black neighborhoods throughout Chicago and also disagrees with Emanuel’s education policies.

GQ says violence in his neighborhood and in black neighborhoods throughout the city, along with the mayor’s education policies, turned him against Emanuel. He added, “So many people have been killed. … 50 schools got closed—and most of them on the South Side and West Side. But you cater to the people in Gold Coast. Why don’t you [cater to] the South Side?”

In addition to Emanuel’s tendency to visit black neighborhoods during election season in search of photo ops, GQ also said that Emanuel is a bad tipper. After buying a $7 coffee at the store, he reportedly left the barista “like a quarter or 50 cent tip”. GQ said he’s made coffee drinks for the mayor before and was left a 37 cent tip.

Looks like “Deadfish” Emanuel puts his progressive hypocrisy on full display in his own life in being generous with policies pushed with other people’s money while being ultra stingy with his own.

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