Controlled Demolition: The RNC Punks America

Reince Priebus, chair of the RNC


What does a dying entity do to stay alive, especially if they happen to be either sick or less than stellar characters?

Get a transfusion and reinvent themselves? Burn down the dilapidated building to collect the insurance money?  Well, sorta.

I’m sure you remember well the 2012 elections and as hard as we tried after the earth shattering “shellacking” 2010 midterms to deliver a conservative candidate, we just couldn’t eek one out.

No, the very next national contest after delivering new blood from many states of the conservative Tea Party variety, we were yet again force fed a moderate in Mitt Romney.

The result of that unpleasantness was having to watch over 90 million eligible voters stay home in 2012.  

So today Mitt spoke on behalf of the party he says he represents to excoriate us to not support the non-conservative front runner.

What? Wait. Mitt’s also not a conservative. Mitt’s also a moderate.

The problem with Donald Trump is he’s neither. He’s a vulgarian.

What we have learned is that the same people who ran Mitt’s campaign in 2012 are also running Trump’s campaign now.

See document:

I know these political consulting companies are often incestuous as they travel from campaign to campaign looking for high dollar work. Yet isn’t that what Trump claims he isn’t – he doesn’t run with these RNC party insiders. Except he does.

So think outside the box with me for a minute.

This is simply my imagination—- but consider that you’re the RNC and you have a severe problem on your hands.  You can’t get people excited about your brand. In fact, your brand is so toxic that people are calling themselves independents, conservatives, Tea Party, moderates, constitutionalists, Reaganites, any number of monikers to avoid the actual R word.

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But the problem is the R word is half of the system constructed in spite of our founders wishes, and in order to have your voice heard or run for office one must surrender to this moniker.

So here’s the rub.

The R word has been tainted by the Rs. But the Rs want to maintain power, even though they know in order to do so they must rebrand.

So what do they do? What can they do?

The Tea Party constitutional conservatives ran roughshod over them in a few key elections (Dave Brat, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Matt Bevin) and the middle class donors have all but tattooed on their heads that they won’t give to the party any more, but only to candidates.

I think they’ve decided on a controlled burn.  

They need the brand remade, but the conservative Tea Party types will ruin their desired brand, and they know the masses are mostly ANGRY!

“Our brand is anger!”

Cue Donald Trump.

Here’s a guy … (Using his Brooklyn accent) who has all but spat on the conservative psyche and the angry millions just don’t care. Because first and foremost —  they are angry. They want to be heard and at any cost, by God, they will be.

Here’s a guy who IS a brand.


He’s also moderately aligned well with any number of liberal type group and ideals. Planned Parenthood, touch back amnesty, some gun control, questionable morality, First Amendment issues, trade troubles – preaches about local jobs but uses international manufacturers for his own business. His non-conservative credential list is long.

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This is a compelling thought. Might the powers that be come up with such an idea- to burn this bi$&! down like Ferguson, giving us just enough room to express our angst? Without the coliseum type antics every few days on the news cycle- we would simply get bored with it and the donations and ad revenue dries up.

This bread and circuses has to remain for the whole cycle, because “Our brand is anger!”

They know they have to tear it down as they go the way of the Whigs. But might this be the way they control it themselves?

A controlled demolition can be managed. Are we all simply being managed?  Is this cycle just entertainment for the chattel?

Prediction– watch for a brokered and chaotic convention, taking the party down in the wake of it – only to remake, rebrand, restyle the Republican Party in the image of a Thad Cochran, Mitt Romney or a Donald Trump. A Phoenix from the ashes of their choosing. AND IT’S ALL FOR SHOW.

In doing so, the GOP accomplished their main goal and managed to do something the liberal media couldn’t even do themselves. They got rid of that pesky Tea Party, didn’t they?


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