Cop-Supporting Facebook Page Calls Out Obama In a Simple But Powerful Way

Within an 11 day period, there were two ambush attacks on police officers in two different cities. Both attacks were committed by black men. In Dallas on July 8, the attacker killed five police officers and left seven officers and two civilians wounded by a Black Lives Matter supporter who was angry at cops. He said he wanted to “hurt white officers.” In Baton Rouge on July 17, three officers were killed, two wounded and one was left in critical condition. The assailant was a member of black supremacist group and railed against white and the police.

After the Dallas attack on police , the Federal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association (FLEOA) sent in an official request to Obama to illuminate the White House in blue in honor of those fallen officers, slain as a result of the anti-police rhetoric that has made every shift for officers even more dangerous. Obama ignored that request. When the Obama regime was pressed about it during a press conference, press secretary Josh Earnest flat out said they were not even considering illuminating the White House in blue.

Remember after the Supreme Court changed the definition of marriage thereby forcing states to accept and conduct homosexual “weddings” Obama not only illuminated the White House in rainbow colors, he used the picture as the cover photo on Twitter for weeks. But, it looks like Obama doesn’t believe that our nation’s police officers, slain in part due to hateful, divisive, violence-inciting anti-police rhetoric spewed from his mouth, deserve that level of respect.

The Facebook page “Ohio Going Blue” created a brilliant meme to showcase not only the fact that Obama refuses to illuminate the White House in blue in honor of these assassinated police officers in Dallas, but also that he has not made a move to do so even after the officers in Baton Rouge were ambushed and assassinated.


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Bravo to our brave men and women in blue. There are many of us out here who support you and appreciate the sacrifices you make and the risks you take to serve your communities. We believe that Blue Lives Matter.

Please spread this far and wide to send this message that this president is no friend of our nation’s police. This meme says it all and reveals so much.

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