CORRUPT: U.S. Attorney General Gives Hillary ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’

One of the defining characteristics of so-called “banana republics” is that they tend to incorporate a tremendously corrupt political system. Though these nations often have laws and even constitutions, the hallmark of a tyrannical, unstable regime is the willingness of political elites to line their pockets and help each other escape legal or political consequences for their illegalities.

In this regard, America is rapidly becoming such a nation.

Hillary Clinton has yet to have been indicted for her role in maintaining an illegal, unsecured private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Through this private email account, Clinton transmitted thousands of classified and top-secret documents, many of which endangered American lives and assets in foreign nations.

As investigators began snooping around, Clinton began destroying evidence and attempting to cover her trail. It didn’t work. Investigators have uncovered thousands of emails that she left unsecured.

As she climbs the Democrat ladder to become the presumptive Democrat nominee for the presidency, many are wondering when the FBI will conclude their investigations into Clinton and her willful betrayal of national security. If she is indicted, that could spell serious trouble for her presidential bid.

However, President Obama has maintained that he intends to stay neutral on the issue and has claimed that he stays out of such investigations.

Of course, he has been willing to stray into investigations plenty of times. In fact, as the congressional noose tightened around disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder for his obstruction of investigations over his role in the treasonous Fast and Furious operation, President Obama stepped-in to cloak Holder in executive privilege to shield him from prosecution.

Now, current Attorney General Loretta Lynch has indicated that she is poised to protect Clinton as she attempts to ascend to the presidency.

Lynch announced on Friday that there would be no deadline for the conclusion of the federal investigation into Clinton’s crimes- a fact that could delay justice until, not-so-coincidentally, Clinton is in the White House and could escape accounting for her crimes via an executive pardon.

“People have to have confidence that we treat every case the same, no matter who’s last name is involved, no matter how much publicity it gets,” Lynch said in an interview.

Right, because if I or any other ordinary American would have transmitted thousands of classified and top-secret documents via an unsecured server, I, too, would have been granted the astounding level of leeway afforded to Mrs. Clinton…

“We don’t make predictions on the time because that essentially cuts off the independence of that and it cuts off the thoroughness,” Lynch said. She stated that the government was committed to conducting “a full, thorough and independent review.”

The Obama Administration makes the Nixon Administration look like choir boys by comparison…

Keep this in mind: Edward Snowden is a political refugee hiding from the wrath of the U.S. government for shining a light on an illegal, secret government program that surveilled hundreds-of-millions of Americans under a single, broad warrant.

Hillary Clinton, in contrast, is being offered a substantial job promotion.

Still, the Obama DOJ pretends to operate with a commitment to equal treatment…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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