Could an Electoral College Anti-Trump Coup Succeed? Dems Won’t Like this New Survey

Prior to the presidential election, Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama lectured America on the dangers of not accepting the election results. Hillary even went so far as to say that if then-GOP nominee Donald Trump failed to accept the results of the election, then his actions would be un-American and a threat to “our democracy.” Of course, those lectures came when Democrats and their allies in the media thought Hillary Clinton would win.

But, she lost, so now their narrative has completely changed.

Despite having no clear cut evidence of a Russian hack specifically to help Trump with the election, Democrats are not only pushing that narrative, they are encouraging electors to “vote their conscience,” i.e. don’t vote for Trump. They are encouraging electors to push for an intelligence hearing prior to their vote, something not likely to happen. They are stating that the electoral vote, which is supposed to take place on Monday, December 19, should be postponed.

Without evidence, Obama’s mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, has accused now President-elect Trump of working with the Russians to hack into the DNC emails. Hillary Clinton claims that Putin had a vendetta against her. Democrats are desperate and are throwing everything but the kitchen sink out there in an attempt to either stop Trump from becoming president or delegitimize his presidency before he takes office.

So, could the Left’s efforts to taint the electors and force, guilt, or threaten those who are bound to vote for Trump to change their vote work? According to a new poll by the AP, such an outcome is not likely.

The AP surveyed more than 330 of the Electoral College’s 538 members and finds that “there’s more hustle than hope behind an effort to derail Donald Trump’s presidency in the Electoral College.”

“Whether they like Trump or not, and some plainly don’t, scores of the Republicans chosen to cast votes in the state-capital meetings told AP they feel bound by history, duty, party loyalty or the law to rubber-stamp their state’s results and make him president,” the outlet reports.

“Appeals numbering in the tens of thousands — drowning inboxes, ringing cellphones, stuffing home and office mailboxes with actual handwritten letters — have not swayed them.”

Many electors have received thousands of emails pressuring them to not vote for Trump. Leftist celebrities even made a video telling Republican electoral college voters that they will “be heroes” if they do not cast their vote for Trump. Perhaps they didn’t get the message that Hillary’s massive support and constant fundraising and campaigning with their elitist brethren didn’t work in swaying everyday Americans who Hillary Clinton chose to ignore. It didn’t work then and, according to the AP, it won’t work now.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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