BOOM! Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels Slams Hillary and the FBI

Country music legend Charlie Daniels has become known for his conservative political commentary, and he doesn’t hold back.

Following the announcement by FBI Director James Comey that he will recommend to the Department of Justice that no charges be filed against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, despite Clinton knowingly participating in email strings containing classified information and handling such information recklessly, Charlie Daniels wasted no time writing about it.

Daniels opens up by questioning Hillary’s judgment and the fact that an ordinary citizen would be locked up in federal prison for doing a fraction of what Hillary did.

If any ordinary citizen had done one tenth of what Hillary Clinton has done, they would be whiling away several years of their lives in a federal prison.

But let’s put the felonious part aside for a minute and consider the woman’s judgment.

Comey stated in his remarks during the press conference even though emails weren’t marked classified, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it. Obviously, Hillary didn’t give a rip and Daniels called her out on it.

Did this woman, smart, politically savvy, with experience in the highest offices of government, well-connected, privy to inside information at the highest level, really believe that what she did was not dangerous to national security, that any document sensitive enough to be deemed top secret later on was not too important to be exposed to every hacker and foreign government intelligence agency in the world?

Did she REALLY not know, or was it just the arrogance of an elitist who thinks that there is one set of rules for people like her and another set for the ordinary citizen?

He goes on to bash Clinton not only for her bad judgment in using a private, unsecured email server but also her handling of Benghazi, and subsequent lying about it. This pattern should call into question for any sane person Hillary’s competence in being president.

The presidency requires split-second action, getting it right the first time, decisiveness, striking while the iron is hot and at times, five minutes can mean lives being saved or lost. It requires trust and confidence from the people, respect from world leaders and fear from our enemies, knowing that attacking America and its interests, foreign or domestic will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately, the kind of uniforms our troops are wearing notwithstanding.

And now FBI director, James Comey, has recommended that while Hillary and her staff were “extremely careless” with her emails, no charges should be filed.

The law states that “gross negligence” with regards to national security documents is grounds for fines and up to ten years in prison.

How is “extremely careless” not the same as “gross negligence?”

Charlie Daniels is correct. “Extremely careless” is the same as “gross negligence” but our corrupt government is so perverted that Hillary Clinton gets a pass. This is more proof that we live in a society devoid of any expectations of morality as is evidenced by corrupt liar Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, putting national security at risk by using a personal, unsecured email server to transmit classified information then getting away with it.

So now, instead of Hillary spending the next 10 years in prison, where she belongs, America is at risk for her continuing her reckless handling of classified information for four to eight years in the White House.

Read Charlie Daniels’ full article on ‘The Old Double Standard’ HERE.

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Jennifer Burke
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