The Cowardice of Bernie Sanders

Readers of Politistick know we are no fan of Bernie Sanders. His European Socialist brand of politics runs counter to the conservative tenet of limited government. His offerings of “free stuff” equates to a net loss of freedom and liberty. His only direction is around the world to the left.

That being said, he did shake up the voters on the Democratic side of the aisle. He created a movement of mostly far-left progressives and young people who sought a change from the “politics as usual”. He railed against “Wall Street money” funding political campaigns and the “establishment”. He sought and received grassroots funding along with millions of dollars of donations from young first-time voters.

Then, after not being able to secure enough delegate votes to secure the nomination, he folded like a deck chair on the Titanic and endorsed Hillary Clinton. He abandoned every idea and principle that he stated he stood for.

Sanders implied early on during the primary race that the Democratic National Committee and its chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, exhibited favoritism towards Hillary Clinton. Doing so violates the rule that it remain neutral during a primary campaign.

He was proven correct in his suspicion when Wikileaks exposed a series of emails that “suggested the committee was actively trying to undermine Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.” After news of this event, Sanders ran to the aid of Clinton telling voters: “we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.He then went on to speak at the Democratic Party Convention. During his speech, he said:

“Let me begin by thanking the hundreds of thousands of Americans who participated in our campaign. And the two and a half million Americans who helped fund our campaign with an unprecedented eight million individual campaign contributions. And the 13 million voters who voted for the Political Revolution, giving us the 1,846 pledged delegates here tonight.”

The Democratic Party’s leader and committee actively sought to damage his primary campaign. His only competitor ran on a platform concretely counter to his own. He commanded and received the respect and support of millions of voters.  And then he tossed it all away as if none of it mattered.

 It is hard to imagine a more cowardly act in recent politics.

Sanders had an easy out. He was a registered Independent before the primary. He did not have to heed any call for “unity” from the Democrat Party. He could have segued back to the Independent Party naming the tenets he ran on as a valid reason. Instead, he has been exposed as a man of zero political principles. He is now just another cheap, empty retail politician void of any backbone.

I have sympathy for those who fought for him, those who ran his campaign and the thousands who volunteered for him. It takes a lot of commitment, effort, time and money to back a political candidate. One has to trust that your candidate truly believes in what he or she attests.

It is hard to fathom how Sanders can claim to be an Independent going forward. Having embraced Hillary, the ultimate establishment candidate, (soaked in Wall Street money and stained with decades of corrupt political scandals); he simply no longer fits the description.

One thing is for sure, though: Bernie Sanders is a coward.

About the Author

Alex David
Alex David
Alex David attended City University of New York (Brooklyn College) with a major in Business Administration & Finance and entered Wall Street with a three year stay at Drexel Burnham Lambert as an assistant to top brokers and entered their executive training program. After three years on Wall Street he entered the Auto Industry as a Sales and then Finance Executive representing brands such as BMW & Lexus. He then moved from New York City to sunny Arizona continuing his auto industry career and later segued into the Equipment Leasing and Financing industry for 3 years before eventually moving to (not so sunny) Seattle, Washington continuing in that industry and eventually joining a multi-national New Media company as an Sales & Marketing Director in 2009. Alex is a Kiwanis Club member, volunteer, 12th man fan for the Seattle Seahawks and sporadic angler. He currently resides in Anacortes, Washington with his lovely girlfriend, his son and their Great Pyrenees, Layla.

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