Crazy Leftist Doesn’t Like Rubio’s Global Warming Answer, so He Issues This Threat

During Thursday night’s GOP Debate on CNN, Jake Tapper asked Florida Senator Marco Rubio a question about the alarmist driven “climate change” hoax. Tapper asked Rubio if he was willing to “acknowledge the reality of the scientific consensus of climate change and pledge to do something about it.”

Never mind that there is no consensus. The Obama regime is weighing the strong possibility of pursuing legal action against “climate change deniers.” But, I digress. Rubio’s answer was one that didn’t sit well with the progressive fear mongers, and one person lashed out on Twitter with a death threat aimed at his deputy campaign manager.

When asked the question about a commitment to “do something” about “climate change,” Rubio responded with what many believe. The climate is always changing and we can’t play God in fixing it.

“Sure the climate is changing, and one of the reasons is because the climate has always been changing,” he said. “There has never been a time when the climate was not changing.”

South Florida’s problem, he said, is that it was built on a swamp, and because “there are higher sea levels, or whatever is happening.”

“I have long supported mitigation efforts, but as far as a law that we can pass in Washington to change the weather, there’s no such thing.” he said.

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Cue the “loving left,” such an egregious misnomer that it hurts my sensibilities. While the leftist coward took the tweet down, he did not do so before Erick Erickson captured it for all posterity with a screenshot.

Looks to me like the man has aimed a little bit too much for the high, if you know what I mean.

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