Crazy Uncle Joe Does It Again: Points Out the Guy Carrying the Nuclear Codes [VIDEO]

The Democrats are going to regret letting crazy Uncle Joe out of the basement to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Last month, as he was attacking Donald Trump as not having the temperament to be president, Biden pointed out the man who travels with him and holds the nuclear codes in case something happens to the president.

Most reporting this in the mainstream media wrote it off as if it was no big deal. In fact, their reporting of this humongous gaffe did so in a passive manner. Those in the Democrat Media Complex who bothered to share the major faux pas by Trump simply shared that he pointed out the man who carried the nuclear codes to say that Trump should not be trusted with them. Despite the huge risk to national security, and the safety of the man’s life, Biden was not ridiculed by the leftist press for his actions.

On Thursday, remarkably, crazy Uncle Joe did it again! While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Biden once again tried to paint Trump as unfit to have access to the nuclear codes. In doing so, the gaffe-prone idiot Biden outed again the man who travels with him carrying the nuclear codes.

He has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and guess what? That’s OK sometimes … But I’ve got a military aide with me carrying a briefcase,” Biden said, pointing to his left. “No, I mean this sincerely. That briefcase has the nuclear codes in it and, God forbid, if something happened to the president and a decision had to be made, I open it up and the nuclear codes are there. Just imagine giving this guy access.”

The crowd laughed, and Biden grew stern.

“No, no, no, I really mean it!” he said. “Imagine giving this guy access to the nuclear codes. A guy who says how he’d consider using nuclear weapons. A guy who talks about how may other countries should become nuclear powers. I mean, my God.”

It might be time for the Democrats to put crazy ol’ Joe back in the basement.

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