Ted Cruz Calls for Congressional Term Limits in Powerful Op-Ed

Throughout his presidential campaign, Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke about the need to “Stop the Washington Cartel.” In a speech given in June 2015, Cruz said, “Washington conspires against the American people on a daily basis.” He also maintained that far too many in our nation’s Capitol are concerned about two things — power and control.

In a powerful op-ed in the Washington Post, Cruz partnered with Florida Senator Ron DeSantis , a fellow Republican, to call for the most powerful and definite way to “Drain the Swamp,” as Donald Trump has called for. The two said that if Republicans truly want to drain the swamp, then they will support the constitutional amendment establishing term limits that Cruz and DeSantis will propose during the 115th Congress.

Cruz and DeSantis note that Donald Trump called for term limits when he was campaigning and that such an idea is widely supported by Americans.

On Election Day, the American people made a resounding call to “drain the swamp” that is modern Washington. Yet on Capitol Hill, we seem mired in the same cycle of complacency: The game hasn’t changed, and the players remain the same. Thankfully, there’s a solution available that, while stymied by the permanent political class, enjoys broad public support: congressional term limits.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for enacting term limits, and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) has endorsed the idea. As soon as the 115th Congress convenes, both of us will move to restore accountability among the entrenched Washington establishment by introducing a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms that a member of Congress can serve to three in the House and two in the Senate.

Passing term limits will demonstrate that Congress has actually heard the voice of the people.

In the op-ed, the two Republican senators note that the American people have lost confidence in Washington as “members of the permanent political class looking to accumulate more and more power at the expense of taxpayers.” The desire to accumulate seniority and, therefore, power leads one to go along to get along rather than challenge the way Washington does business.

It is only through term limits that the power of Washington will be reduced, and the corruption that comes with it will come to an end.

It is well past time to put an end to the cronyism that has transformed Washington into a graveyard of good intentions. Favors for the political elite have gone on for far too long. In Washington, where corruption and collusion abound, entrenched politicians live fat and happy cutting deals and breaking promises, while those who don’t oblige are shunned. Congressional term limits are critical to stopping the ongoing abuse by D.C. insiders.

The majority of Americans, 75-percent, believe that corruption in government is widespread. In addition, 75-percent support term limits in Congress.

According to Cruz and DeSantis, the referendum on the DC elite in this election is a signal by the voters that a call to action is necessary and desired.

With control of a decisive majority of the states, the executive branch, the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Republican Party has the responsibility to respond to the voters’ call to action.

With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, America did indeed send a message to the Washington elites that they have had enough. Now may just be the right time to push for a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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