CRUZ MISSILE: Ted Cruz Crushes RINO Leaders as ‘Weenies’ and Gives Scathing Response to Kelly Ayotte

Top-tier presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a principled constitutional conservative, delivered a crucial blow to the Washington cartel and the corrupt RINO GOP establishment, led by Obama’s Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, referring to them as “a bunch of weenies,” while simultaneously delivering a harsh rebuke of RINO Senator Kelly Ayotte’s public letter to Cruz, a letter that encouraged Cruz to join the RINO Surrender Caucus.

Ted Cruz told Sean Hannity on Hannity’s radio program on Friday that the left is much more committed to their anti-freedom, anti-American agenda that is “destroying this country,” than leaders in the Republican Party, who refuse to fight for freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and citizens’ rights — that the leftists are much more willing to fight than the feckless GOP leadership:

“If you look at Barack Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, they are committed to their liberal principles; they are committed to their policy agenda that frankly is destroying this country.

And they will crawl over broken glass, with a knife between their teeth to advance their policy agenda.

On our side (Republican), we’ve got a bunch of weenies! On our side, we begin with a preemptive surrender right at the outset, so every fight, if it comes down to Barack Obama versus congressional leadership — congressional leadership surrenders.”

Cruz went on to provide several specific examples where treasonous McConnell and Boehner, leaders of the informal Surrender Caucus, have bent over in a subservient position and grabbed their ankles for Obama’s anti-American agenda, citing GOP leadership’s surrender on key issues like still hated Obamacare, Obama’s illegal amnesty, and the funding of barbaric and gruesome anti-life Planned Parenthood, a racist organization that should actually be referred to as Planned Butcherhood:

“For example, Obama says ‘I will veto the entire budget for the entire federal government if Congress doesn’t fund Obamacare,’ which is hurting millions of Americans, and Republican leadership says, ‘Okay, great, we’ll fund Obamacare.’

Obama says ‘I’ll veto the whole federal government if you don’t fund my illegal executive amnesty,’ and Republican leadership says, ‘Okay, great, we’ll fund amnesty.’

Right now today, Obama is saying, ‘I will veto the budget of the entire federal government unless you send five hundred million dollars to Planned Parenthood,’ a private organization — it’s not even part of the government. It’s a separate, private organization. But he wants to give five hundred million dollars of taxpayer money, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood is right now in the midst of multiple, ongoing criminal investigations for an ongoing pattern of felonies.

And what does Republican leadership say? ‘Okay, great, we’ll fund Planned Parenthood.’

What the heck is the point of having elections, if the people we elect won’t stand and fight? I think that’s why people are sick and tired of it.”

After Sean Hannity pointed out that GOP leadership argues that they have the “same goals” but just “have different tactics,” than Ted Cruz, and that the “net result of their tactics are they cave-in and Obama gets what he wants every single, solitary time,” Cruz explained what entrenched GOP leadership means by the word “tactic.”

“You are exactly right,” Cruz told Hannity, approving of his accurate summary. “And tactic is their code word — that they have one tactic, and that is surrender.”

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Cruz revealed that he received a letter from RINO Senator Kelly Ayotte, a Democrat in Republican clothing, a letter Ayotte leaked to the press in an attempt to shame Cruz into joining the Surrender Caucus she holds proud membership in, and Cruz gave a scathing response to the letter:

“My colleague, Senator Kelly Ayotte, sent me a letter that she publicly released to the press, saying, ‘Please explain to me how you’re going to get 67 votes in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood. And if not, we shouldn’t do anything.’

Well, you know that letter really reveals the problem with the thinking right at the top — and that’s a letter that came from leadership — Kelly wrote it, but it’s a leadership letter.

Their view is unless unless you can get 67 senators on board, it’s not worth doing. If they believe that, I would encourage the next time Mitch McConnell runs for re-election for him to tell the people of Kentucky, ‘I will only do what Harry Reid agrees because I need 67 senators — I need Democrats — so I will hand over my vote to Harry Reid. Anytime Harry Reid says that it’s okay, I’ll fight for something, but if Harry Reid doesn’t, I won’t.’

That’s the problem.”

“Senator, I think we need new leadership in the House and Senate,” Hannity responded to Cruz. “I think it’s time to get real conservatives that will fight for their principles in there because I don’t see it there now,” Hannity declared.

Cruz said that while other candidates talk about taking on and fighting against the Washington Cartel, a term coined by Cruz to describe the corrupt cronies in both parties who go to bed with lobbyists in order to grow government largesse, but that he’s the only presidential candidate with a proven, long-term record of actually standing up to the establishment in both parties.

“If you look at the 2016 Republican primary field, the biggest difference between me and the other candidates on that [debate] stage — every one of them is telling the American people ‘I’m running to stand up to Washington, to stand up to the Washington Cartel.’

And yet, I’m the only one on that stage that has a record of doing it over-and-over-and-over again. They say, ‘trust me,’ but they don’t have the record of walking the walk.”

Hannity described Ted Cruz as a “pariah” to Republican leadership because Cruz has been fighting for the very same issues that they themselves promised to fight for in recent campaign promises, but haven’t, and Cruz is exposing their lies, broken promises, deception and ongoing capitulation.

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Hannity and Cruz continued their discussion, talking about issues like the Supreme Court, his mix-up with Jeb Bush at the recent debate, and Cruz’s plan to stop the Obama Iran deal to give over $100 billion to the Islamic terrorist country of Iran, a plan GOP leadership is too weak to implement.


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