Cultist Pagan Priest Earns Special ‘Right’ to Wear Satanic Horns in State ID Photo

In a story that should not only be seen as the advancement of evil and culture rot but also a bastardization of legitimate constitutionally guaranteed religious rights, a man described as a “pagan priest” was given the “right,” with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a communist front group, to wear satanic-looking horns in his state-issued photo ID.

The NY Post reported:

A pagan priest has won the right to remain horny in his Maine state ID photo.

Phelan MoonSong, 56, was told in August that the goat horns he wears on his head — his “spiritual antenna” — would have to be removed for his state-issued ID.

Citing religious freedom, the “Priest of Pan,” who subscribes to an Earth-based spirituality called Neopaganism, successfully fought for his right to wear the horns after telling Bangor Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) officials he was in touch with the American Civil Liberties Union.

His ID arrived in the mail on Dec. 13 — but only after the pagan was made to prove the deep significance of his horns.

“She told me that I had to send in some documentation or religious text to show why it was required for me to have my horns on,” MoonSong said. “I said, ‘OK, I’ll go ahead and do that,’ but it seemed like an onerous requirement,” MoonSong told the Washington Post of his interaction with the BMV worker.

“As a practicing Pagan minister and a priest of Pan, I’ve come to feel very attached to the horns, and they’ve become a part of me and part of my spirituality,” MoonSong told the Washington Post.

“The horns are part of my religious attire,” he argued.

MoonSong said he first fell in love with the horns in 2009 at a Pagan men’s group gathering just after the death of a friend’s goat. MoonSong took the dead goat’s horns and attached them to his head with fishing line where they now stay.

It speaks volumes that the God-hating ACLU would represent a cultist as “religious freedom.” It’s interesting that they almost never will get behind real abuses of religious liberty in America, like that war on Christianity by the Gaystapo radicals and the progressive left. Stories like this, in my opinion, are the left’s attempt to permit such atrocities in the name of “religion” that it delegitimizes their ultimate target — Christianity.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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