Cultural Marxism Update: One Requirement to be a Cop is Falling by the Wayside

Unhinged political correctness and cultural Marxism are on full display in Colorado Springs, CO, as the Colorado Springs Police Department has been ordered by a judge to discontinue physical fitness tests in order to qualify as a police officer.

CBS Denver reports that the decision is being thrust upon the police department after 12 female police officers filed a lawsuit against the department.

Last Friday the Colorado Springs Police Department agreed to the demands of 12 female officers who filed a civil suit claiming the fitness tests are discriminatory. All the officers were over the age of 40.

The suit will now move to a federal court. Police Chief Pete Carey says he’s disappointed, but will abide by the judge’s decision.

“I very firmly stand behind physical fitness tests for our officers. I think what I’m asking them to do is fair and my hope is a federal judge also agrees with this,” Carey said.

“I think it’s a mistake,” Mary Jo Piccin told CBS4’s Tom Mustin. “I think the police need to be able to chase down criminals.”

A major tenant of cultural Marxism is the lefts major tenant of “sameness,” which is much different from equality of opportunity. The left cannot accept the fact that some people are going to excel in certain areas over other people — we must all be controllable little robots — exactly the same, without any distinction or individualism, so that we will obey their big government masters.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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