Culture Rot Update: Libs Sign Petition to Put Urinals in Women’s Restrooms [VIDEO]

Media analyst Mark Dice is famous for producing videos displaying the idiocy of progressive leftist Democrats by having the useful idiots and dupes of society, i.e., liberals, sign petitions for “change” in the most ridiculous direction possible.

In the past, Dice has had progressive leftists endorse communism founder Karl Marx as Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate, has asked them “Who is Washington, D.C. named after?” (hint: many hadn’t a clue), and has even filmed leftist loons signing a petition endorsing Sharia Law in America.

In the new video below, Dice asks California liberals to sign a petition to install urinals in all women’s bathrooms in order to make them more convenient for sexually confused men to take a leak.

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Like all of Dice’s videos, you wonder how Dice asks these questions with a straight face. Watch below as Mark Dice shows how political correctness, aka: cultural Marxism, has gotten out of control.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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