Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Whose Leadership was Praised after Sniper Attack, RESIGNS

Before July 7, 2016, most Americans didn’t now who David Brown, the police chief in Dallas, was. His leadership after the sniper attack on Dallas police officers as they were providing protection for a Black Lives Matter even protesting them, made his name known by Americans around the country.

On Thursday, Chief Brown shocked not only the city of Dallas but also the rest of the country by announcing that he is retiring. This comes less than two months after that heinous attack by a Black Lives Matter supporter who wanted to kill as many white cops as possible. The sniper attack left five officers dead.

Brown, who has been on the force for 33 years, stated that his resignation is effective October 22. He did not give any detailed plans about his future plans in his statement, which you can read below.

After much prayer, I am announcing my retirement from the Dallas Police Department after 33 years as a Dallas police officer.  My retirement will be effective October 22, 2016.

Serving the citizens of Dallas in this noble profession has been both a true honor and a humbling experience.

Thank you to Mayors, City Managers and Dallas City Council members past and present for allowing me to serve. Thank you for the service you have provided for this great city.

I became a Dallas cop in 1983 because of the crack cocaine epidemic’s impact on my neighborhood in Oak Cliff.  I wanted to be part of the solution. Since that time I have taken great pride in knowing that we have always been part of the solution and helped to make Dallas the world class city it is today.

Let’s always remember the fallen officers including the five officers on July 7, 2016, and the brave men and women of the Dallas Police Department for their sacrifices to keep Dallas safe. Their memory will remain with all of us forever.  I know the people of Dallas will never forget the ultimate sacrifice they made on the streets of our city that awful night.

Officers, your extraordinary service will forever be etched in my heart and will serve as a guidepost for me in the next phase of my life. You will always be in my prayers.

I want to thank my family for their love and  support.

This is a difficult decision. I pray for your understanding and well wishes.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my life, health, and strength.  I pray for His continued blessings over my life.

Thank you Dallas and God bless!!

~Chief David O. Brown


Note: I will be unavailable until September 8, 2016.  I will hold a press conference on that date; the time to be determined.

The City of Dallas will conduct a national search for Brown’s replace. Until a replacement is found, Assistant Police Chief David Pughes will serve as the interim police chief.

h/t ABC 13

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