Dana Loesch Announces Who She’s Endorsing for President

Powerful and principled conservative Dana Loesch, a leader in the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution grassroots American Tea Party movement, announced her presidential pick for 2016 with less than a week before the Iowa Caucus.

Dana Loesch, a radio host and author of Hands Off My Gun, announced she would be throwing her support behind constitutional conservative Ted Cruz in the 2016 GOP primary.

Loesch, who also hosts “Dana” on The Blaze TV, said in a statement about her endorsement of Ted Cruz that she was endorsing the “most consistent conservative in the race.”

“I have said that I will pull for the most consistent conservative in the race. As one of the original founders of the modern-day Tea Party movement, I watched grassroots conservatives support Ted Cruz’s David and Goliath success against Dewhurst and the Republican establishment. Cruz has fought to repeal Obamacare, shrink the size of government; he has defended our gun rights, our right to privacy, our sovereignty and borders. I personally feel that Ted Cruz is the best choice to reverse America’s road to ruin and am proud to support him in the 2016 Republican primary.”

Last week, Loesch ruffled feathers by joining 21 other prominent conservatives, endorsing an anti-Trump manifesto entitled “Against Trump,” on National Review .

“Dana is a fearless conservative who is not afraid to confront the liberal media bias head on,” said Cruz about Dana Loesch’s endorsement. “She is a passionate fighter for liberty and an important voice for conservatives. I am thrilled to have Dana on our team and work together to win the White House in 2016.”

Later on Tuesday, Loesch interviewed Ted Cruz about the race for the presidency, how GOP leadership betrayed Republican voters and the odd revelation that the GOP establishment is beginning to cozy up to current frontrunner Donald Trump.

Cruz explained that the GOP establishment seems to have given up on Marco Rubio, that they no longer see a path to victory for him, and that they are beginning to embrace Trump, who they see as a lesser threat to their cronyism because at least Trump is a “dealmaker,” whereas they know Ted Cruz won’t play the game or “cut deals.”

“As I travel the country campaigning, I don’t think I’ve met a single Republican — a single conservative — who thinks the problem is Republican leadership needs to cut more deals with the Democrats,” Cruz shared with Loesch.

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Cruz pointed out that while he was leading the fight against the “Gang of Eight,” Trump was actually supporting amnesty, and prior to that argued that RINO presidential candidate Mitt Romney was too harsh on border enforcement and stopping illegal immigration.

Furthermore, Cruz slammed Trump’s current stance on deporting illegals, but then immediately turning around and allowing them to re-enter the U.S. legally and get placed on a pathway to U.S. citizenship, a scheme Cruz called “touchback.”


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