Dana Loesch has a Message for Anti-Second Amendment Harkins Theatres

Add Harkins Theatres to the list of companies that stupidly ban guns with the thought that it will prevent a criminal or a terrorist from inflicting harm on its patrons. Perhaps Harkins should get the memo that criminals and terrorists don’t obey laws so they sure as heck won’t give a flip about the “Handguns Prohibited” signs.

Law-abiding gun owners like Dana Loesch, however, care about those signs and the Harkins Theatres’ policy that endangers the lives of the people, making them sitting ducks for that terrorist or criminal who decides to target the gun-free zone, as they are prone to do.

Loesch posted a picture of the obnoxious signs on the Harkins Theatres doors, which are written in both Spanish and English, along with a message for Harkins and a suggestion for those considering watching a movie there.

She also shared her message on Twitter in a series of tweets.

This comment by Bob Owens of Bearing Arms was also spot on.

I don’t know about you, but I will heed Dana’s advice. Any establishment that puts my life and the life of my family in jeopardy by attempting to take away the right of law-abiding gun owners to carry, since we are our own first line of defense, does not deserve my money.

What say you?

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Jennifer Burke
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