While Dealing With Black Lives Matter Terror, TX Gov. Was Enduring Severe Physical Pain

In the midst of the worst terrorist against law enforcement since 9/11, the murder of five Dallas police officers by a Black Lives Matter inspired thug, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott was dealing with his own traumatic injury– and it wasn’t just emotional.

The Austin American-Statesman Reports:

Late Thursday afternoon, Gov. Greg Abbott’s office found itself dealing with a traumatic and wholly unexpected situation.

The governor, who was on vacation with his family in Jackson Hole, Wyo., was on his way to St. John’s Hospital. He had been accidentally scalded with hot water and had extensive second- and third-degree burns on both legs below the knees and both feet.

Matt Hirsch, the governor’s communications director, began preparing a statement about the injury and how it might require the governor to curtail his schedule for the next couple of weeks, including, perhaps, skipping the Republican National Convention, which will get underway next Monday in Cleveland.

But as he was circulating a draft, the awful events began unfolding in Dallas.

Hirsch scrapped the statement.

Heroically, Gov. Abbott went on to deliver a speech urging unity after the horrific racial terrorism against Dallas’s finest, even though red-hot pain was traveling through his body.

“Today, on this day, and in the coming days, the primary message is one word, and that is unity,” Abbott said.

With class, Abbott responded to prayer and wishes he’s received from the public who’ve learned about Abbott’s injury:

Abbott had been vacationing in Wyoming when his injury happened. Doctors urged him not to travel, due to the severity of his burns. However, he immediately flew to Dallas upon learning about the terrorism that occurred in Dallas on Thursday evening.

Via Dallas Morning News:

“The governor’s first words were, ‘I’ve got to come back,’” said Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsch.

Immediately, Abbott began planning to travel to Dallas and ordered staff to turn lights blue at the Governor’s  Mansion in honor of the officers killed in Thursday’s sniper ambush. 

Hirsch said doctors had advised Abbott not to travel because his wounds need to be regularly dressed and present a serious risk of infection, but he insisted.

“It was hugely important for him to be in Dallas the next day without regard to his well-being,” he said.

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