Delegates Unbound: ‘Trump is Right. The System is Rigged.’

On Friday morning, Donald Trump gloated on Twitter, incorrectly I might add, that the #NeverTrump movement was dead, claiming that it was defeated during the RNC Rules Committee meeting.

That really sounds like someone who is trying to bring the Party together and reach out to others, right? Wrong. But, that’s another story.

Trump has #NeverTrump confused with #DelegatesUnbound and #FreeTheDelegates and he was called out for his colossal ignorance by Ben Shapiro, a protege of the late great Andrew Breitbart and editor of the Daily Wire.

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Despite the shady antics by the RNC to rig the process in favor of Trump, #DelegatesUnbound will not be deterred. They released a statement in response to the decision to bind the delegates calling the RNC out for their hypocrisy.

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On Monday, Politistick reported that a Virginia judge ruled in favor of #DelegatesUnbound stating that the binding of delegates is unconstitutional.

The drama continues ahead of the GOP convention which is slated to begin on July 18 in Cleveland.


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Jennifer Burke
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