Delusional Democrat Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Explains What Scares Him Most; Is This a Joke? [VIDEO]

Is it a full moon or something? Just when you think the world cannot be more upside down than leftist lunatics like Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton claiming that “climate change” causes terrorism (because you can’t blame Islam, you know), and Obama saying that holding the climate change scam conference in Paris is going to be a “powerful rebuke” to ISIS, another Democrat dunce comes along and tops them all.

Dummy Democrat Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings (Dunce-TX) appeared on Commie TV, i.e., MSNBC on Saturday, and told their tiny leftist audience that — are you sitting down? — he’s more afraid of young American white men than he is of Syrian refugees who may be radical Islamist terrorists.

That’s right, but it gets even richer than that. As The Daily Caller reported, Rawlings lives in an almost all white neighborhood (92.4%), while Dallas as a whole is only 50% white.

Can you say segregation, anybody?

And while the Preston Hollow community where Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings resides had zero murders in 2014, The Federalist reports that over 80% of crimes committed in Dallas County are committed by black and Hispanic minorities.

But then again, facts don’t matter to Democrat demogogues when there is an opportunity to pander and use the race card.

The Daily Caller further reports that Rawlings neighborhood houses much of the rich and famous in Dallas, including George W. Bush, pro golfer Jordan Spieth, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and a laundry list of other celebrities.

Watch as Rawlings (4:55 mark) says he’s “more fearful of large gatherings of young white men” than Syrian refugees. Because after all, as Rawlings explains, the young white men may “come into schools, theaters and shoot people up,” or something.

You really have to wonder if these people are so delusional that they actually believe the words coming out of their collective mouths.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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