Democrat Analyst Has a Major Prediction for 2016, And it Spells Bad News for Hillary Clinton

Democrat analyst Kirsten Powers, appearing on FOX News Sunday, predicted some extremely bad news for Democrat frontrunner, corrupt liar Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, greedily hoping to cash in on the “historic” nature of becoming the first female president, is wishing to ride the sexism card all the way to the White House.

But it may not be that easy for Hillary, according to Kirsten Powers.

Powers told the FNS panel that she believed the accusations against comedian Bill Cosby will remind voters of Bill Clinton’s long and sordid history of abusing women. Worse yet, it may remind voters of Hillary’s “Nuts and Sluts” campaign against victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse, the strategy of smearing the multiple women, known as “Bimbo Eruptions,” in order to discredit their claims against her husband.

“I think that what was once referred to as Bill Clinton’s ‘Bimbo Eruptions’…are going to become problems for Hillary during the campaign,” Powers predicted. “The conventional wisdom says this has all been hashed out and nobody cares about it anymore. But I think if we look at the Bill Cosby situation, we can see the country’s definitely changed it terms of how we look at these issues and these are serious allegations — and her role in them as well,” she opined.

Powers’ prediction may already be taking shape as Donald Trump recently made the argument that not only are Bill Clinton’s past actions abusive to women but that Hillary herself is also guilty of abuse.

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It looks like the ridiculous, dreamed up Democrat narrative of a Republican “war on women” will not be able to be recycled by Hillary this cycle. But I’m sure she’ll think of something else to lie about. She always does.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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