Democrat Elected Official Follows Kaepernick’s Lead; Refuses to Stand for the Pledge

Add Missouri State Senator, Democrat Jamilah Nasheed, to the list of people who are following San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s lead to disrespect the American flag, freedom it represents, and all those who died to defend it. In Senator Nasheed’s case, she refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance prior to a Senate session beginning.

Jamilah Nasheed, photo by KTVI

Jamilah Nasheed, photo by KTVI

Despite taking an oath to her state, the country, to the Constitution of the United States, thereby officially pledging her allegiance to America,  Nasheed believes it is more important for her to stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, who one day condemned oppression then the next wore a t-shirt featuring Fidel Castro, than to stand with the United States.

“I decided to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance today to stand in solidarity with the cause of injustice that Colin Kaepernick has shined a bright light upon. I am not anti-America, and in fact, it is because I love this country that I take this stand.”

“I am doing so not because of past transgressions by America, but to call attention to current injustices here in this state and country.”

Nasheed then proceeded to list the current injustices that she says plagues the country, taking a stand with unions over people and pushing the notion that black people are too dumb or incapable of acquiring an ID or drivers’ license.

The injustice of police brutality — the refusal to mandate police body cameras;

• The injustice of poverty — the underfunding of our public schools;

• The injustice of voter suppression — passing Voter ID laws;

• The injustice of not having health care — not expanding Medicaid;

• The injustice of unlivable wages — refusing to raise minimum wage and the right-to-work attack on labor;

• The injustice of unequal pay for women;

• The injustice of mass incarceration; and

• The injustice of economic disparity.

Notice that she speaks nothing of the injustice of the unborn being killed by the millions by Democrat darling Planned Parenthood.

Her insults to America did not end there. In speaking with local station KCRG-TV, Nasheed continued to disparage the country which has given her, as a black woman, the ability to serve in the state senate and has been so oppressive to Colin Kaepernick that he makes millions and has a massive shoe collection made by child laborers in a foreign country.

“The pledge of allegiance and the national anthem stand not just for what America is, but for what it should be. ‘Liberty and justice for all’ are not just words — they are our country’s ideals. We must commit ourselves to honoring those principles not just by speech, but also through our actions. This is why I, as a matter of conscience, chose not to stand today.”

Christopher Arps, founder of, had this to say about the protest by NFL athletes and Nasheed.

“I will always respect any individual’s decision to exercise their first amendment right no matter how distasteful I may find the method they use to exercise it. I find it a bit curious that million dollar athletes and public servants with a daily per diem complain about the injustices of America – a country that elected a black man not once but twice president of the United States.”

Conservative talk radio host based out of St. Louis, Stacey Washington, addressed what she believes would be far more effective and powerful for both Nasheed and Kaepernick in actually making an impact to bring about the change they say is needed.

“State Senator Jamilah Nasheed has every right to exercise her constitutional right not to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. She is correct, that is her right. But does it set the proper example as an elected official and someone who is seen as a leader and activist in the St. Louis community?

I would prefer to see the Senator continue her work on getting the approval for body cameras in the city of St. Louis. There is bipartisan support for body cameras and I believe it will come to fruition.

I see Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee in protest over black oppression as attention seeking. Instead of taking a knee Kaepernick should take a child under his wing as a mentor, continuing his charitable work in inner cities across America. Kaepernick has the means to actually impact hundreds of black lives. Not one child receives a tangible benefit from his “show of solidarity” in front of the cameras. I would prefer to see him take charitable action instead of dishonoring the Anthem and his NFL uniform.”

This isn’t the first time Nasheed has made national news. In October 2014, the gun control-obsessed Nasheed was arrested at a protest in Ferguson. She was blocking a street and refused to move, even after being instructed by police numerous times to move. Nasheed reportedly reeked of alcohol but refused to take a breathalyzer. She was also carrying a gun which she says she possessed a permit to carry.


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