HYPOCRISY ALERT: Border Security Fence Built Around Democrat Convention

The height of hypocrisy in this story. New heights, actually.

Democrats are all against a southern border fence or wall to protect the Americans from the invasion of illegal foreigners.

Their goal is to stuff the ballot boxes with votes from illegal aliens, giving them their Democrat Party membership card as they scheme to get the poor victims hooked to the crack cocaine of government dependence and welcome them to the modern Democrat Party Plantation.

But as elitists like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama live in their well-guarded and fenced-off areas, protected from the policies they support, Americans deal with the job loss and increased crime caused by allowing illegals to invade the country who have no reason or motive to assimilate and achieve the American dream.

And Democrats want it that way.

So you would think that the Democratic National Convention, which begins this week, would be a warm and welcome place where all are invited, all are able to vote, no ID is required to enter and no security or law enforcement carrying “evil” guns are permitted.

It is quite the opposite, actually.

Around the venue of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadephia, where corrupt and scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton will be coronated, a four-mile, eight-foot border security fence has been erected to protect hypocritical Democrats from any unpleasant characters entering.

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But wait a darn minute! We’ve been told that border security fences (or a “wall”) won’t work.

So why do Democrats think they work when they have to leave their lavish gated communities, hmmm?

Okay, to come clean, the Republican National Convention apparently had a similar apparatus constructed at their convention last week. But most Republicans are for stricter border security and building a fence or a wall to hinder illegal immigration, so there’s no violation of “values” as there is with the Democrats.

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Don’t count on Obama delivering a speech tomorrow shaming the Democrats for their “wall” violating “our values.”

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What a joke these people are — and the joke is on the American people.

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h/t:  American Mirror

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Matthew K. Burke
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