Despite New San Bernardino Evidence, Delusional Democrats Won’t Accept the Obvious

Syed Farook, a 28-year old restaurant inspector who worked for San Bernardino County, had contact with individuals who were on the radar of federal officials. Specifically, he had contact with people who the FBI investigated for terrorism, though the cases were later closed.

Even more damaging to the ridiculous narrative that this could have simply been a case of workplace violence and the left’s disgusting use of this tragedy to attack the Second Amendment is the fact, as reported by CBS, Farook, who was described by his father as a devout Muslim, and his wife, 27-year old Tashfeen Malik, who was in the U.S. on a K-1 visa and had a Pakastani passport, had searched for ISIS propaganda online. Farook had also taken trips to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in 2014. After these visits, his co-workers described him as coming back “changed,”, including growing out his beard.

Police have described their findings at the home of Farook and Malik as “an arsenal fit for war.” At the home in Redlands, police found 2000 9mm rounds, 2500 .223 rounds, additional several hundred long rifle rounds. For those, like Obama, who want to naively make this about “access to guns,” the weaponry the couple possessed went far beyond that.

Police used a battering ram to enter the home. They described the home as being like an IED factory. As they searched the home, police also found 12 pipe bomb type devices in the garage, a number of IEDs, hundreds of tools that could be used to construct IEDs/pipe bombs and other material. A robot was used to blow up the IEDs.

Chief Jarrod Burguan said of their findings, “Clearly they were equipped and could have done another attack. We intercepted them before they had a chance.”

FOX News’ Catherine Herridge says that there is evidence that may tie the Muslim couple and their attack to al Qaeda. She reported, “The FBI has confirmed today to reporters that they are looking at something called Inspire magazine. Inspire magazine is like a lifestyle magazine for jihadists the includes these bomb-making instructions.”

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“ISIS has ripped off some of these same online instructions and circulated them to their followers,” Herridge continued.

Explosives attached to remote control cars, according to Herridge, is the signature of Inspire magazine. She then noted a disturbing similarity between this attack in San Bernardino and the Boston Marathon terrorist attack by the Tsarnaev brothers.

Herridge stated, “I just want to note that the use of these remote-controlled toy parts, a kind of detonation mechanism, is also what we saw in the Boston Marathon bombing where the two Tsarnaev brothers used Inspire magazine to rig their explosives.”

Neighbors said they witnessed suspicious behavior at the house where Farook and Malik lived. They noticed that they were receiving a crazy number of packages in a short amount of time. There was also a lot of late night activity in the garage. In addition to the 12 pipe bombs the police found in the garage of the home in Redlands, there were another three pipe bombs that were put together into one large pipe bomb at the Inlands Regional Center in San Bernardino, the site of the attack on Wednesday. There was a remote controlled detonator attached to that bomb. It has not been said if the detonator failed or if they didn’t set it off.

The neighbor reportedly said that she wanted to report to authorities what she saw that concerned her, but she did not want to be accused of profiling them since she thought they were Middle Eastern. Another neighbor said that around six Middle Eastern men moved onto the street at around the same time. But, like the other neighbor, he reported nothing because of a fear of being accused of profiling.

FOX News also reports that police are saying with so many bombs that they had not yet used, they are not sure that the Christmas party was truly the target the attackers had in mind.

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The amount of gear, weapons, ammunition, bombs and bomb-making material in the possession of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik coupled with the fact that they rented their getaway vehicle and booby trapped  and the home used to make their bombs and store their weapons puts a huge hole in the continued proposition that this was a case of workplace violence.

FBI Los Angeles Field Office Director David Bowdich said, “There was obviously a mission here.”

Yet Obama and the left are still holding out that this was workplace violence and somehow the fault of the NRA.


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