Devastating News for Clinton Campaign; Will this Signal the Beginning of the End?

Despite launching her campaign not once, but twice due to the lackluster reception of her first campaign launch, Hillary Clinton has not been able to escape the negative vibe and shadow of, well, being Hillary Clinton.

In a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, which tends to lean left, Hillary Clinton is trailing four Republicans in the key swing state of Iowa among registered voters. Even against Republicans that she leads, according to the Washington Examiner, it is by narrow margins.

According to a Public Policy Polling survey of registered voters, Clinton trails former neurosurgeon Ben Carson by four points, 44-40, and three other Republicans by a single point (Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee) in potential head-to-head match-ups next November.

Even when Clinton leads, it is by a narrow margin. According to the poll, Clinton leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Bush 44 percent to 40 percent, her biggest advantage over any GOP candidate, and real estate magnate Donald Trump 43-40. She also leads Sen. Rand Paul 43-40.

The robotic sounding Clinton has been criticized for her inability, and seeming lack of desire, to interact with the people. Unlike her husband, who despite his philandering ways is well-liked by people due to his personality, Hillary doesn’t really have a personality, unless you want to count the “I think, no I know, I’m better than you” vibe she gives off as a personality.

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In addition, Hillary’s refusal to answer questions, keeping the press at bay with rope, and her ever-changing story about Emailgate has caused what little trustworthiness she had to diminish.

The Clintons have long been lauded by the Democratic Party. The power couple have almost seemed to have a Teflon affect to them. They are continuously praised by the Left  despite the war on women that Hillary herself took part in as a way to shame and take away any credibility from the victims and accusers of her husband’s sexual escapades and unwanted advances. But, that Teflon appears to be chipping off in a major way due to Hillary.

Declared Socialist Bernie Sanders, who has caucused with the Democrats and is running to be the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee, has been drawing much larger crowds than Hillary at campaign events. There is also speculation that Joe Biden will enter the race at the encouragement of those who are beginning to believe that Hillary can’t win.

Will Hillary’s quest to win the Democrat nomination, and ultimately the presidency in 2016, go down in flames like her 2008 presidency?

If she performs as poorly in polling for other key swing states, that just may be the case.

The negatives of Hillary appear to be catching up with her. Despite her dreams of power, the Hillary Clinton age in America may actually never be.

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Jennifer Burke
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