Devout Catholic Judge Napolitano Blasts Marxist Pope Francis as a ‘False Prophet’; Here’s Why

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a devout Roman Catholic, delivered a scorching rebuke of Pope Francis, labeling him as a “false prophet” for promoting “the political agenda of the atheistic left,” and for “leading his flock to a dangerous place,” a place “where there is more central planning and less personal liberty,” instead of focusing on matters of spirituality and morality — conditions of the heart.

In a scathing opinion piece on, written just prior to the Pope’s speech to America before Congress, Judge Napolitano, a strong proponent of individual liberty and individual rights, prophetically predicted that the Pope’s speech would be short on spiritual matters and long on anti-capitalism, pro-communism rhetoric (emphasis added):

“The Church has taught for 400 years that abortion is murder. Because the victim of an abortion is always innocent, helpless and uniquely under the control of the mother, abortion removes the participants from access to the sacraments. Until now. Last week, Pope Francis, without consulting his fellow bishops, ordered that any priest may return those who have killed a baby in a womb to the communion of the faithful. He said he did this because he was moved by the anguished cries of mothers contemplating the murder of their babies.

I doubt he will defend these decisions before Congress. He will, instead, assault the free market, which he blames for poverty, pollution and the mass migrations into Europe away from worn-torn areas in the Middle East.

In his papal exhortation on capitalism, Pope Francis spectacularly failed to appreciate the benefits of capitalism to the health, wealth and safety of the poor. Instead, he has reworked the Peronism of his youth to advocate government-mandated redistribution of wealth and to condemn those who work hard, employ others and achieve wealth — even when they give some of that wealth to the Church.”

Judge Napolitano wrote that within him was “fear and trembling over what he might say.” It turns out that Napolitano’s fears were justified.

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“Pope Francis said that promoting life and family were the major reason he came to America this week,” said LifeSiteNews editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen after the Pope’s speech before Congress, the Washington Examiner reported:

“Yet, disappointingly, the pope did not mention abortion by name in his address to Congress,” said Westen, who also co-founded Voice of the Family and founded the Rome Life Forum. “Today, Congress is going to vote on whether to force taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion company — and on Monday, Democrats halted a ban on most late-term abortions. Pope Francis just missed perhaps his greatest opportunity to make a difference on life.”

Judge Napolitano continued, blasting Pope Francis as a hypocrite for attacking wealth and prosperity while ignoring that the Catholic church, a wealthy institution in its own right, is largely funded by rich Catholic capitalists, saying he’s more like Marxist phony economist and author Thomas Piketty than St. Thomas Aquinas:

“When he is in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City later this week, he should take note of the recent and beautiful $200 million facelift. It was paid in full by rich Catholic capitalists who employed hardworking artisans and laborers to do the work.

The pope probably also will tell Congress that the world is an inherently unhealthy place because of human work. He will embrace the highly questionable green science of those who want the government to tell us how to live, outside our homes and inside — more Thomas Piketty than St. Thomas Aquinas.”

“The pope has seriously disappointed those who believe the Roman Catholic Church preserves and teaches the Truth,” Napolitano declared. “The Truth is Christ risen and unity with Him. It is not a debate about the minimum wage or air conditioning.” 

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Napolitano said that despite Pope Francis’s popularity on the world’s stage, his concerns are more secular than sacred.

In June, the hypocritical Marxist Pope Francis, who is surrounded by heavily armed guards for protection, took a shot at the American Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment, stating that it is impossible, in his mind, to be a Christian and a weapons manufacturer at the same time, even though Jesus himself manufactured a weapon — a whip — to drive the money changers from the temple.

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Pope Francis, who has more often than not sounded more like Karl Marx or Vladimir Lenin than the “Vicar of Christ,” told reporters this week that he was not a communist, stating that he hasn’t “said anything more than what’s written in the social doctrine of the Church,” even though the totalitarian rhetoric in his speech sounded like it was lifted from Barack Obama’s teleprompter.

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