Did Montel Williams Change his Tune on his Call for the Murder of Oregon Protesters? You Decide


TV personality Montel Williams has been under extreme verbal fire on social media for calling for the Obama Regime to kill the Hammond ranchers in Oregon and their allies led by Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy for peacefully protesting against the tyrannical Obama Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

In case you missed it, on Jan. 2, Williams tweeted that he was hoping for the following outcome group called the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom to be murdered by the Obama regime, insisting that the National Guard ‘put this down’ with shoot to kill orders.

Hard to believe that Montel Williams, who fought so stringently for the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi and criticized Obama for not doing anything to secure his release, would advocate for the murder of peaceful demonstrators. But he did.

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The Politistick’s Matthew Burke called Williams out in an article in which he pointed out the racist bigotry on the part of Williams in his description of the protesters as “hillbilly American Taliban.” The article also highlighted the backlash Williams received on social media for his advocation of the government killing these protesters who were armed, but in peaceful assembly with no violence or destruction to property of any kind, unlike the mayhem that the world witnessed from #OccupyWallStreet and #BlackLivesMatter.

Late Monday night, Williams and Burke had the following exchange after Montel reached out to Burke on Twitter.

Taking into account the fact that Montel announced on his Twitter account that he was blocking trolls, we were a bit surprised that he not only tweeted Matthew, who in full disclosure is my husband but even more surprised that he took the time to check out Politistick.com and had kind words to say. After all, he was facing tremendous backlash and was angrily blocking ‘trolls.’ End of story, right? Wrong. 

I even a believed that Montel Williams was well on his way to seeing the error of his ways in calling for the government to go in and slaughter the rancher protesters in Oregon. But, alas, that was not the case.

Williams went on Facebook and offered a statement that, upon first glance, would lead people to believe that he was doing an about face on his call for the Obama regime to open fire on the protesters and murder them. Perhaps he would even, upon reflection, realize he should walk back the “hillbilly American Taliban” comment. But, that’s not what we got in his attempt to ‘clear some things up.’

He doubled down on the leftist, bigoted rhetoric continuing his comparison of the protesters in Oregon to Muslim terrorists as well as making the claim that he didn’t really mean what he said about the feds going in and putting the situation down on shoot to kill orders. It was just hyperbole! Yeah, right.

The so-called attempt to clear things up was a clear case of mixed message confusion since the statement was  filled with more insults and bigotry, but also had some valid points about government abuse of power and overreach. You know, the same government he wanted days before to go in with guns blazing, killing the protesters.

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The response that Montel received ranged from some supporting him to others pointing out his hypocrisy and still others latching on to the insults he leveled at those participating in or supporting the Oregon protesters. One response, which was a comment to a comment, caught my attention because it points out the sheer ignorance, driven either by bigotry or agenda, of all those referring to the Oregon protesters as the American Taliban, #YallQaeda, and #ElShabubba.

It was an article someone posted written by Trevor Loudon, which is entitled, It was an article someone posted by a Facebook user written by Trevor Loudon, which is entitled, This is What Domestic Terrorism Looks Like.

Here are just a few videos and pictures from that article which highlight the destruction caused by those in the Occupy movement and #BlackLivesMatter as they terrorized entire cities, referred to all the while by the leftstream media as ‘mostly peaceful.’

Thanks, Trevor Loudon, for saying what few people have the nerve to say. Pointing out what true domestic terrorism looks like. Maybe Montel will want to review Loudon’s article and start a hashtag comparing #OccupyWallStreet and #BlackLivesMatter to Muslim terrorists.

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Jennifer Burke
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