Did Trump Just Get Caught in a HUGE Lie About Megyn Kelly?

America already has one narcissist who has no regard for the truth as a president, and it appears that the present GOP frontrunner has the same flawed personality traits.

Earlier this week, bombastic billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump was caught in a bald-faced lie in an attempt to smear major conservative Christian leader Bob Vander Plaat, who just days ago endorsed Trump’s competitor, Ted Cruz.

Then on Friday, Trump, who boycotted Thursday’s FOX News GOP debate because FOX would not remove Megyn Kelly as a moderator from the event, told New Hampshire news outlet NH1, that now the dust-up with FOX had nothing to do with his well-documented personal vendetta against Megyn Kelly, who Trump believed was biased against him and therefore, disqualified to be a moderator.

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Here’s what Trump was tweeting less than one week ago:

But then there’s this nasty gem from one day before the debate, in which a bullying Trump “refuses” to call Megyn Kelly a “bimbo.”

Except in August of last year, a classless and obnoxious Trump actually did call Kelly a “bimbo” after the FOX News star asked Trump a question at the first debate:

Like him or hate him, everybody and their dog knows that Trump’s entire reason for boycotting the seventh GOP debate hosted by FOX News was because of Megyn Kelly. Because FOX didn’t back down, Trump began inventing imaginary reasons for his boycott, like the last minute Hail Mary in which Trump tried to extort $5 million from the network, albeit for charity, in exchange for his participation.

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Then there was Trump’s head-snapper that it was FOX’s snarky statement about his boycott of the debate, that his massive ego was butthurt, and that was the reason he bailed. In fact, as the statement notes, Trump spent four days lobbying for Kelly to be removed from the debate.

In a following statement, FOX acknowledges that Trump did, in fact, want Megyn Kelly removed as a moderator and that the $5 million extortion attempt came later — a shiny object of distraction.

Trump, like Obama and other famous narcissists, have such fragile egos that they are unable to admit their imperfections, mistakes and defeats — their humanity.

They see themselves as better than the unwashed masses and perhaps that’s why Trump — the only Christian in world history to have never asked God for forgiveness — cannot admit that his progressive Saul Alinsky bully tactics are backfiring.

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Trump did not win. And he does not always win, as his four business bankruptcies indicate.

Obviously, Trump is spinning over his defeat, especially since the combined ratings of his anti-debate stunt were trumped  by FOX News by over 400%, yet he can’t admit fault.

The thin-skinned Trump should really not have his feelings hurt so easily. It’s not like he got called a “bimbo” or something.

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Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected. We referred to Iowa Christian conservative leader Bob Vander Plaat as “Frank.” We apologize for the error.

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