Disturbing Video Shows Obama’s Race-Baiting School Policies Backfiring Big Time

Barack Obama, in an effort to control all things, overstepped his bounds as president in 2012 with his backing of the regulation of discipline in schools. Obama applied his race-baiting tactics to attack the nation’s schools as inherently racist because of the discipline experienced by black students.

To Obama, it didn’t matter why black students were disciplined more. It didn’t matter if their behavior and lack of respect warranted such discipline. The rationale for a difference in discipline for someone who sees everything through the eyes of a race baiter has to boil down to racism.

And that bring us to 2015 where a startling and disturbing video has surfaced of black students terrorizing a black teacher who is so timid that she takes orders from the aggressive black students and complies.

This video was shot in a school in Chicago, the very city where Barack Obama was a community organizer, i.e. rabble-rouser. Students are out of control in this classroom, and are subjecting the teacher to both verbal and physical abuse.

At one point, the bullying terrorist of a student picks up a chair and threatens to throw it at the teacher. Students around him can be seen smiling and heard laughing. The teacher’s request for someone to get security falls on deaf ears.

WARNING: Disturbing images, violence, and profanity

Perhaps these students feel emboldened to bully and terrorize since Chicago schools, under the orders of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and at the behest of Barack Obama, changed their disciplinary practices in order to comply with the federal government’s regulation of discipline. The district moved away from a zero-tolerance policy to one promoting “restorative practices” in an effort to reduce suspension and expulsion.

Hoover Institution media fellow Paul Sperry had an op-ed in March 2015 in the New York Post addressing Obama’s race based discipline regulation arguing that it has made things worse. Sperry highlights that the out of control behavior of students is a pervasive problem nationwide, not only in Chicago.

For those who think this is an isolated event, here is another video of a student viciously beating a school resource officer while his friends film and cheer him on.

Thanks to Obama and his meddlesome, race baiting tactics, schools have become an even more dangerous environment for teachers and other staff.

One thing you can see in these two videos, however, is unlike Obama who loves to point the finger at whites as being racist if they oppose him on anything, these black students do not discriminate. They will terrorize and attack a black teacher just as much as they would one of any other ethnicity.

The left has moved beyond the soft bigotry of low expectations, to outright condoning violent behavior and criminality of black students, affording them special treatment because they are black and creating a dangerous environment for everyone around such students who resort to violence.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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