DNC Source: Female-Dominated DNC ‘Clearing a Path’ for Hillary Because She’s a Woman

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of politics today is the domination of identity politics. In 2008, Barack Obama rode to the Oval Office not because of any specific policy proposals, but of a brilliant marketing campaign that centered on his identity, not his ideas. In short: the prospect of a young, charismatic black man was enough to delight the left, center and even some of the supposed “right.”

Now, this cycle begins anew with a trainwreck of a candidate: Hillary Clinton.

According to a source within the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the shot-callers of the Democrat Party are not too interested in what their constiuents want; the shot-callers want Hillary and they’re willing to “clear a path” for her to get the nomination.

Why? According to the source, because the upper echelons of the DNC are dominated by women and they are rooting for the female candidate.

According to a report from The Daily Mail,

Speaking on the condition that she isn’t identified, she told Daily Mail Online that the party is in the tank for Clinton, and the women who run the organization decided it ‘early on.’

The committeewoman is supporting one of Hillary’s rivals for the Democratic nomination, and said she spoke freely because she believes the former Secretary of State is benefiting from unfair favoritism inside the party.

Clinton aims to be the first female to occupy the Oval Office, and ‘the party’s female leaders really want to make a woman the next president,’ the committeewoman said, rattling off a list of the women who she said are the ‘real power’ in the organization.

‘I haven’t heard anyone say we should make Hillary undergo a trial by fire,’ she added. ‘To the contrary, the women in charge seem eager, more and more, to have her skate into the general [election].’

‘I have nothing against women in politics,’ she underscored. ‘But it’s not healthy for the party if we get behind a woman because she’s a woman, and risk having her implode after she’s nominated because she isn’t tested enough now.’

The report highlights that the shot-callers of the DNC are comprised of women.

Five of out the nine elected leaders of the DNC are women, including chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz – a Florida congresswoman – and a majority of the vice chairs.

Before Wasserman Schultz assumed her post at the DNC, she eagerly campaigned for Clinton during the then-New York senator’s 2008 presidential run.

DNC national press secretary Holly Shulman told Daily Mail Online flatly: ‘The DNC runs an impartial primary process, period.’

In 2007 and 2008 the Democratic Party’s presidential primary candidates endured a grueling schedule of 27 debates. Hillary Clinton was the only candidate to participate in all of them, and lost the nomination to then-Illinois senator Barack Obama.

This time around, the DNC has sanctioned just six such events. Offering more might have the effect of giving an indecisive Vice President Joe Biden a broader opportunity to jump into the race, saddling Clinton with a formidable challenger.

Sadly, some in the real world identify with the DNC’s ridiculous ideology. Last year, I sat in a Starbucks in Las Vegas, Nevada, and listened as a man explained to his friend that he did not agree with Hillary’s viewpoint on virtually anything, but would “like to see her win” so that he can show his daughter that she can achieve anything.

Apparently, the man knew of no other way to instill this message to his daughter other than risking the very continuation of our nation by supporting a woman who is either too dumb to handle two email accounts, too corrupt to maintain security protocol or both.

The Democrat Party is run nearly-exclusively at the top levels by women. Remember this the next time they assert that this is a male-dominated world where women are offered fewer opportunities. Also, be sure to remember that the Democrat Party is basing their efforts on a candidate’s gender rather than who is the best person for the job.


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Greg Campbell
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