Does Disney’s ESPN Support Sharia Law? Network Defends Radical Islamic Terrorism by Punishing Baseball Legend Curt Schilling

Baseball pitching legend Curt Schilling was suspended by ESPN, which is owned by Disney, on Tuesday for tweeting a meme critical of radical Islamic terrorism.

The tweet, which was soon removed by Schilling, compared radical Islamic terrorists, who behead, torture and rape anyone who disagrees with them, to the Nazis under the regime of Adolf Hitler.

The tweet by Curt Schilling was a meme showing Hitler with the message: “It’s said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?”

While it may be radically politically incorrect to ask the question, is there any doubt that, if given the power and resources Hitler had access to, radical Islamic extremists, who swear to wipe both Israel and America off of the face of the earth, would perform acts of evil equal to, if not greater than Adolph Hitler?

Curt Schilling tweet about radical Islam

The problem with Schilling’s meme isn’t that it’s offensive to Muslims, it’s that his math is highly understated. He was being generous.

As Ben Shapiro pointed out, the percentage of Muslims who are are radical, i.e., support the beheaders at ISIS specifically or terrorism in general, is significantly higher than 5-10%, but Schilling wasn’t suspended for that reason. He was suspended for Disney’s apparent support of one of the major tenants of Sharia Law: Thou shalt not speak ill of Muslims or their prophet.

Shapiro destroyed the myth of the “tiny radical Muslim minority,” by pointing out poll after poll indicated that a shockingly high percentage of Muslims are radical extremists.

For example, a 2013 poll from Pew showed that 13% of American Muslims said that violence against civilians is often, sometimes or rarely justified to defend Islam. A 2011 poll from Pew showed that 21 percent of Muslims are concerned about extremism among Muslim Americans. 19 percent of American Muslims as of 2011 said they were either favorable toward Al Qaeda or didn’t know.

In France, a full 16% of French people have positive views toward the barbaric and evil ISIS terrorists.

In Great Britain, a 2006 poll for the Sunday Telegraph found that 40% of British Muslims wanted Sharia law in the United Kingdom, and that 20% backed the 7/7 bombers.

Shapiro reported that a stunning poll in 2011 showed that 32% of Palestinians supported the brutal murder of five Israeli family members, including a three-month-old baby. In 2009, a poll showed that 78% of Palestinians had positive or mixed feelings about Osama Bin Laden.

Shapiro went onto summarize that there are tens of millions of radical, terrorism-supporting Muslims across the globe in much greater numbers than the politically-correct, Sharia-compliant Disney or ESPN want you to know:

“In short, tens of millions of Muslims all over the world sympathize with the goals or tactics of terrorist groups – or both. That support is stronger outside the West, but it is present even in the West. Islamist extremism is not a passing or fading phenomenon – it is shockingly consistent over time. And the West’s attempts to brush off the ideology of fanaticism has been an overwhelming failure.”

Unfortunately, Schilling immediately cowered to the anti-free speech, politically correct progressive bullies at Disney’s ESPN, backing down by both removing the tweet and issuing an apology.

The only apology Schilling should have given was for getting the math wrong. Both Hitler and radical Islamists had precisely the same evil goals, but Schilling greatly underestimated the number of Muslims who share those goals. Twitter lit up after Schilling’s apology, with many wondering what he was apologizing for and others calling for an outright boycott of ESPN, using the hashtag #BoycottESPN:

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If you think Schilling should have been suspended by Disney’s ESPN, Ben Shapiro will set you straight below:

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