New Trump Ad Completely Brings the R-Word Out of the Closet [VIDEO]

A new Instagram video ad by Donald Trump paints former Democrat president Bill Clinton as a rapist and serial woman abuser by playing audio from two victims of Bill’s unwanted advances, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

“He starts to bite on my top lip and I try to pull away from him,” a sobbing Broaddrick says in explaining Clinton’s sexual assault against her, as an ominous cigar-chomping black-and-white picture of Bill is superimposed over the White House. It is not known whether the cigar Bill is smoking is the same brand used on Monica Lewinsky.

The ultra-quick ad then pans to a meme of Bill and Hillary with the caption “Here we go again?” while the sound changes to Hillary’s infamous witch-like laugh.

The message here is obvious: Stop trying to play the “woman card” Hillary. You have your own problems.

Trump used the “rape” word for the first time last week in an interview with Sean Hannity, in describing Bill Clinton, while labeling Hillary as an enabler.

In the 1990’s during her husband’s presidency, Hillary was the architect of the shameful “Nuts and Sluts” campaign which ruined the reputations of the women coming forward with sexual abuse and/or rape accusations against Bill Clinton, occurrences that the Clinton war room referred to as “bimbo eruptions.”

The Clintons are caught in the ultimate hypocrisy. After society has been told for decades that female victims of alleged sexual abuse must be believed over the accused man — always — they are stuck into explaining why Bill’s victims must be discarded like trash, which they can’t and will not explain and nor will the biased liberal media force them to.


Is Hillary really protecting women?

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Matthew K. Burke
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