Donald Trump Admits That He was Wrong

During rallies this week, Donald Trump not only claimed that a video existed that showed the $400 million in cash that Barack Obama gave to Iran in January, at the same time hostages were released from Iran, he actually described the video in detail.

There was only one problem. The video didn’t exist. Even after his campaign officially admitted the video didn’t exist, Trump continued to talk about this non-existent video adding to his claim that Iran released the video to embarrass America and Obama. Friday morning on Twitter, Trump walked that back with a tweet.

In the words of Donald Trump, his going on and on about a non-existent video, explaining it in detail and claiming that he watched it, is “a disaster!”

Even though Trump stated very clearly that the video that he saw was the hostage plane in Geneva, that didn’t stop Trump cheerleader Sean Hannity from desperately trying to provide cover for Trump.

Uh, Hannity, you may want to check Trump’s Twitter feed before you double down on his embarrassing lies, that he has retracted, lest you look like a fool.

Too late.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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